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60 Inch Round Dining Table – Different Varieties Available

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Ever wondered why the 60 inch round dining table is most commonly used and accepted! These tables not only look stylish and attractive but can also accommodate more people in less space. So apart from being beautiful and versatile, these round dining room tables have excellent functionality. There are different dimensions round dining tables available in the market and for selecting the right size for your house you need to decide upon the number of persons you want to accommodate at a time.

For 4 persons accommodation, a 40 inch round table will suffice while for six persons you have to opt for minimum 48 inch round dining table. But if you have a large family or quite a number of guests visiting you, at least a 60 inch round dining table is required for your home so that you can accommodate at least 8 persons at a time. These dining tables though spacious enough do not occupy much of your dining hall space as they are round in shape. With a big round dining table at your home, you also need to have strong base for them.

60 inch White Marble Top Dining Table with 8 ChairsOrdinary pedestals will not do for these round tables and they will have to be made of solid wood so as to be strong enough to carry the load of the table top. For the options of bases you can select between legs, trestle and a mix of both.

The ordinary legs may not be that stylish as you need to place a square skirt for attaching the legs that will make your table look less stylish. IF you want to make your table look stylish you may opt for the mix of legs and trestle. The legs will be joined together by a shelf under the base from where they will again be divided and meet the ground at an angle.

There are again various options in round dining table and chairs. You can get different tabletops such as the glass table top, round marble top dining table etc. The marble round dining tables have a marble top which is easy to clean and maintain. Although they look stylish, yet these are too heavy and will have difficulty in moving from one place to another. The glass tops again are difficult to maintain as there is always a chance of breakage if something heavy drops on the glass top. Then there are wrought iron options that make an economical choice to suit every budget.

Amongst the different 60 inch round dining table options available in the market, you can make your own choice and select the one that will suit your home atmosphere most. Be wise and make the decision prudently as this is ought to be a long term investment.


5 Responses to “60 Inch Round Dining Table – Different Varieties Available”
  1. Nadia says:

    Hi my name is Nadia and I’m looking for round dining table for 10 I liked the one you have on your website can you please with the size measurments and price….. Thank you

  2. Suan says:

    May I know where to get this dining set and what is the price?


  3. Suan says:

    This dining set is nice :)

    May I know where did you get this set from and what is he price range?

    Thank you.

  4. Vincent Yim says:

    Hi Suan
    I got this dining set in Kuala Lumpur.

  5. Eric says:

    Hi Vincent,

    How to buy the above table & chairs & bring them into Australia?


    Please advise.


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