Monday, December 18, 2017


A House is Made of Walls and Beams, a Home is Built With LOVE and Dreams

First time or not first time, owning a home gives a special feeling. The feeling that we experience when we use the bunch of keys to unlock the door and step in- is something, which can’t be defined in words.

However, at this stage we get satisfaction for having successfully buying the home and met all the necessary formalities, whatsoever. Now begins the journey of converting the house into a “REAL HOME”.

Decorating and adding a personal touch to our abode is not at all an easy job. It requires a lot of thinking, research, investment of money and time.

The process of converting our home into a cozy place involves a lot of rejuvenation of a lot of things. It doesn’t just remain limited to decorating the living room or the bedroom. Translating your house in to your dream home requires you choosing the paint colors for each wall of each room, kitchen, bathroom, store etc, selecting the furniture-everyone wants something in vogue and something that matches the pattern of the house. In addition to these, one must take care of the landscape gardening, lawns and also proper lighting of the house.

Thus we see that owning a house is not the end of it and there is much more to it, with which you can lead a comfortable and a happy life. So to make your task easy, I am launching this weblog of mine where I will provide home improvement ideas, which will definitely come to aid of each and every homeowner. Also when we consider improving our home, budget plays an important factor. So keeping this and every other aspect in mind, I will share with you some excellent and very effective ideas which will turn your dwelling into the “the perfect home” of your locality.

This weblog is aimed at providing a FREE guide to the homeowners to:

  • Create a smart home
  • Create a better home
  • Save on cost and time
  • Add value to the home

In short, I am here to contribute my best efforts and provide you with ideas on every nitty gritties related to home improvement. I assure you that if you go through my tips closely then you can create a UNIQUE HOME that will set you apart and very importantly by following my weblog regularly, you can save yourself from making the usual mistakes that others often do.

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