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Accent Lighting Brightens Up Your Home Inexpensively

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Accent Lighting - photo by Wei ChangIn home renovation and remodeling, accent lighting is an often overlooked but very important detail. The play and contrast of light and shadow in any room is very important since it can make or break a room’s ambiance and atmosphere. It’s the small details that bring to the surface the individuality and personality of any room, be it the receiving room, lounge, kitchen or bathroom.

One very inexpensive way to liven up any room is by using light to transform the character of the room by bringing together the different elements inside. Accent lighting makes a room look warm and friendly or cold and uninviting.

There are many choices of fixtures that you can use as accent lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, track lighting, in-wall or in-ceiling fixtures and adjustable pin lamps. Whether you are building a new house or redecorating, never underestimate the importance of functional and ornamental accent lighting. Your choice of accent lighting is eventually the deciding factor in making your home a wonderful place to live in.

First, examine all the rooms in your house very closely, paying attention to window placements and ambient light sources. This ensures that your accent lighting will not lessen the room’s warmth before making any decisions on where to install accent lighting. Second, make sure that the accent lighting you will use will not interfere with any of the room’s furniture or human and pet traffic. Avoid having extension cords lying all over the place since children and pets are liable to trip on them. Third, always keep safety in mind in finalizing your choice. Make sure that the electrical cords are of the correct gauge to match the wattage of the light bulbs; never place lamps too close to combustible materials and do not use underrated extension cords to plug in your accent lighting. If at all possible, make sure they are plugged into their own wall sockets or have their own switches.

Make your accent lighting as unobtrusive as possible if you plan on installing them in the kitchen and bathrooms. Choose either track lighting or in-ceiling lights to minimize electrical wire clutter and maintain functionality. Drop lights over the dining table could be a good option to make dinner always a warm and romantic setting for the family. For kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you can use recessed lights that turn on when the doors are opened.

In the living room, you can use directional accent lighting to draw attention to artwork such as a painting, photograph or sculpture to make them stand out and noticeable. If you have a glass-topped coffee table, you can order a customized accent light with colored light bulbs to fit in the legs of the table to make it the point of attention your living room – day or night.

Never overlook accent lighting as a decorative yet functional approach to beautify your home. It is very affordable and you will also enjoy yourself immensely trying out the different combinations of light and shadow in various rooms of the house.


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