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Do You Know How to Adjust Garage Door Opener?

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If you can adjust garage door opener properly while installing, you can ensure that they function smoothly and flawlessly. Having a garage fitted with a garage door opener is not only a handy modern day convenience to have but it also serves as a total safety measure. The remote controls of the garage door opener allow you to open the doors instantly at the press of a button from a distance so that you can easily pull into the garage and close the door by pressing the same switch again.

Adjusting a garage door opener is necessary at the time of installing the opener and also at regular intervals of usage. If your garage door is not opening properly, you may need to adjust the opener. In case you have gone through the instructions manual of the manufacturer and know how to adjust a garage door opener, you may not require the services of a professional for the same. Important adjustments of the door opener include adjusting limits, force and the safety feature.

Limits of the opener need to be adjusted when it is seen that the garage door is not opening or closing fully. The limit screw on the main panel of the garage door needs to be adjusted or turned in order to ensure that the door is opening and shutting properly. The screw needs to be turned clock wise or anti-clockwise for ensuring proper opening and closing of the door respectively.

The force of the door opener needs to be adjusted when it is seen that the door is not opening for at least 5 feet then the up force of the opener needs to be adjusted. Likewise if the door reverses while closing then the down force needs to be adjusted. This can be done by pressing the down force or up force button on the control panel.

One of the most important features of the modern day door closers are the safety features. This feature allows the door to stop and reverse as soon as it senses the touch of an object which may be your car or any person’s body. It is a very important feature to avert accidents and need to be examined frequently by placing an object deliberately in the way of door when it is closing. If the door stops but does not reverse its path, then you can turn the down limit screw clockwise and then again check the feature. This process should be repeated until you find that the safety feature is functioning properly.

If you adjust garage door opener following the above guidelines, you are sure to get better life and service from your door opener and enhanced safety.

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