Monday, December 18, 2017

ADT Home Wireless Security Systems – A Necessity for Working Mothers

ADT home wireless security systems are the answer to a young, anxious mother raring to get back to work fulltime. Most mothers go through this very restless period when they have to leave their few month old baby at home to go to office. The security of the child is foremost in their minds then.

Some children are lucky to be left with their grandparents and a caretaker. But most are left at the mercy of only the caretaker. While some caretakers are as affectionate as the child’s parents and few may be even more attached to the child than the guardian, we cannot ignore the ever growing rate of crime in such cases.

One such case was that of a young professional mother who thought something was wrong when her one year old child was always very scared and cried a lot every morning on seeing the caretaker. To wave off her doubts she installed a CCTV security camera without the caretaker’s knowledge in the child’s room. She was struck by complete horror, shock and pain when she saw the footage.

The caretaker had been hitting the child at the slightest of instance and was very harsh with all her actions and words. She was even seen eating the baby’s food in footage. This was like an eye opener for the mother and a lesson for her to be much more careful in handing over her vulnerable child to some one while she was away.

CCTV security, security alarm and security cameras are very useful security system for all of us. These devices were extensively used only for commercial purpose in shopping complex, airport and other public places till very recently. But with changing times and the insecurities increasing they have become a very common feature for personal use and in residential colonies.

ADT home wireless security systems are being extensively marketed online and are being used by many. They are a state of art technical security system today. It is also very useful for old couples staying alone at home.

Just a mere touch of button can ring alarm bells all around and even alert the security and the police. This can be in use for a few hours even without the power supply. ADT home security system also has well trained polite executives to assist in times of emergency.

Installation of wireless security system also means that the interiors of the house are not disturbed as there is minimal drilling to be done. This security system covers very effectively the places in the house that is most vulnerable to burglars.

To safeguard our homes from burglars and other anti social elements and for our peace of mind it is best to have the ADT wireless security system installed in our homes.


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  1. George says:

    It can be very important, especially for single mothers, to protect themselves and their children with the most up-to-date security systems on the market. An ADT Home Security System can be a huge help in deterring criminals – most apprehended thieves admitted that they would completely avoid a home with an ADT sign in the front yard. Don’t wait ’til it’s too late! Call an ADT rep for installation scheduling today!

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