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Hunting Affordable Contemporary Furniture Which is Modern and Pocket Friendly

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Pleasing affordable contemporary furniture is the demand of today. Modern furniture takes into its sweep many conditions – it must be pocket friendly, accommodating and adjusting to space and time and yet pleasing to the fine aesthetic sense in Man.

By furniture is meant those items that are used for sitting and lying as well as eating on including tables, chairs, desks, and beds. Contemporary means modern but there is a catch – what is modern today becomes antiquated tomorrow. So the term is fluid.

The typical characteristic of this contemporary age is that the urban regions have overtaken the rural areas. This means more concentration of people in a small area. So space is the problem. Modern civilization is moving upwards in a matchbox culture and as such the furniture too have to be matchstick size.

The age is also marked with fuel crisis and that is making the purse slim. Hence the furniture has to be easy on the pocket for people to be able to invest in. People are living from one payday to another and there is not much thought left for family heirlooms. Hence the furniture too tends to be use and throw – light, cheap and practical.

Another factor dominating the scene and dictating terms in furniture styles is the green factor. Wood is off – it has become akin to gold. As such Asian hardwood furniture and other similar materials are giving the look of wood.

The affordable contemporary furniture in apartments is often built-in with cabinets and drawers and even pull down beds. Sofas cum beds are great favourites. Beds are streamlined without ornate head posts and with there being spacious boxes below the bed to accommodate the bedding.

The small tables fit into each other to become two or three-in-one. The dining tables have folding pads that can be fixed up in a jiffy to entertain the extra guest. Chairs are replaced by tools without back support and can be tucked away underneath the table.

The children’s room can be furnished with double decker beds with ladders to reach the top. The key word is innovation and simplicity. The lines are simple and aesthetic, practical and yet beautiful. Some of the kitchen work tables doubles into a bar, spice holder and small mobile diner when and if required.

There is a sea change as regards the modern attitude towards health and affordable contemporary furniture. Low furniture and hard beds seem to be the best for bad backs and rheumatic aches and pains. Here the East has a lot to say about simple utilitarian furniture pieces that are health, eco and pocket friendly as well as the best for health – stuff like coir mats and rolls.

Hunt around a bit for pleasing affordable contemporary furniture and add a dash to your home décor. Needless to say there is a huge variety available!

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