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Air Conditioning Returns System Ensures Balanced Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning returns ducts play a dominant role ensuring proper cooling of the entire home. The air conditioning units should be properly sized based on the size of the room while the professional contractors figure out the number of return air system required in each room for optimum air flow. Ductwork sizing is vitally important for proper heating and cooling in every room. Hot air return gets the air back to the furnace and balances the air conditioning and heating system.

The key to having a comfortable cooling system at home even in hottest weather depends on air conditioner return ducts. Along with proper sizing of air conditioners, the supply of return air ducts is also important in every room. The reason for installing AC air return is very simple. As the furnace is a re-circulating pump, which is pumping air instead of water, it is necessary to get the air back to the pump.

If there is no air conditioner return in each major room, the duct supply air has to “push” all the air out of the way as it moves towards the person enjoying the cooling system. The role of hot air return ducts is to help in pulling the air in as it is being pushed.

For installing return air system, the wall cavities could be used as duct. Once the opening has been created the sheet metal could be connected to the existing return air system. Even such ducts can be placed in room corners while covering them with grill covers obstructs the flow of air to places which are drawing too much air.

This creates greater suction in rooms that are in need of cool air. The grills are inexpensive and are especially required in older houses. In such areas, the air conditioner return ducts are normally located on the outside walls preferably under windows and near doors.

To achieve the highest comfort from air conditioners, it is mandatory to have the room size complementing the air conditioner size. This balancing of the room size with air conditioner capacity helps in removing as much humidity as possible from the interior air. For proper functioning and improvement of any air conditioner, it is important to have appropriate air conditioning returns duct in each and every room which should be leak free and located in the proper areas.

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