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Aluminum Balusters – Contemporary and Safe

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Aluminium Stair RailingAluminum balusters have become the latest thing in railings and have fast replaced the old wooden balusters. Balusters are the safest way to prevent accidents when anyone especially children come in close proximity to either stairs railing or deck railings. These balusters are basically vertical pieces which are placed in between all kinds of railings for the sake of safety.

However, with increasing advancement in new technologies and designs, balusters are longer restricted to mere functionality but have also begun to enhance the overall look of a home. Innovation in colors and materials has added to their aesthetic appeal and they have come a long way from the simple vertical wooden posts.

Aluminum balusters bear a striking resemblance to forged wrought iron balusters but cost much less. They normally come in two colors like bronze and black and they complement wooden railings beautifully. Their shapes also vary and you can opt for either round aluminum balusters or square balusters depending upon your preference and its suitability to the railings.

Traditional wooden balusters had high maintenance problems and needed frequent repainting. But, if the preference still runs for wooden balusters, they are available as powder-coated aluminum balusters.

Aluminum balusters are also versatile as individual balusters can be designed as per personal preference or requirements. This element imparts a unique personal touch to the railings. Designs for these balusters can vary from the simple to the ornamental and its not uncommon to come across terms like ‘baroque’ or ‘colonial’ in reference to its designs. These designs can also be used as centerpieces in the balusters giving them a high edge of design definition.

Railing balusters and deck balusters are not only essential from the point of view of safety but also work as great aesthetic enhancers. Balusters for stairs should complement the stairway as well as provide safety and easy usage. They should not be too bulky but at the same time should not be too fragile. They should complement the interiors of the room as well.

While installing the balusters, care should be taken that their weight and dimensions do not weigh down the stairway. Balusters are suited for both internal as well as external railings.

Deck railings have gone beyond providing mere structural support and safety and can often make the difference between a beautiful and a shoddy deck. They are responsible for the beauty of their immediate surroundings. Although railings can be of various types deck balusters not only give adequate protection but also contribute highly towards enhancing the overall look of the place. It’s no wonder that these aluminum balusters now top the list of any home improvement program.


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