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Amish Furniture, Functionality and Durability for a Lifetime!

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Handcrafted Chest of Drawers Amish Furniture
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Amish furniture is often misconstrued by most people as strictly utilitarian and without the grace and elegance of other types of furniture. This is farthest from the truth because, generally, amish furniture is the perfect combination of functionality, grace and durability that lasts for generations.

The traditional hallmark of Amish craftsmen is to produce quality, heirloom furniture from solid wood like oak, cherry, and maple hardwoods. They pay careful attention to the grains of the solid wood boards they use in order to be able to arrange each single piece of wood correctly to increase the beauty and strength of a furniture piece.

Each piece of furniture is meticulously designed and constructed, literally making it an individual work of art. Careful attention to joinery, construction and finishing is applied throughout the whole process from start to completion. All materials used including wood stain and finish undergo rigid Amish quality control before the piece leaves the ship with no detail overlooked.

The elegance of solid wood in its natural state, or even if it is stained to a desired color, is a silent testament to Amish furniture quality. Not only that, wood furniture fits perfectly in any home setting regardless if your house’s architectural style is classical, neo-classical, modern or avant-garde. Because wood belongs to the earth element, one of nature’s four basic elements (earth, water, wind and fire), it does not take away from the overall beauty of any structure but rather adds a positive element to the whole structure.

Not only do you see the quality of Amish furniture, you can literally feel as soon as your hand touches its fine finish and the smoothness of the joints, you would think that the whole piece is handcrafted from a solid piece of wood!

Amish furniture like dressers, ottomans, cabinets, dining table and chairs and beds are at home and hold their own against today’s modern furniture products which do not even come close when it comes to durability and toughness against the most destructive of all elements – kids and pets!

The most compelling reason to own Amish furniture is the dedicated effort in construction that became an integral part of the furniture. You will certainly feel gratified and appreciative of the considerable effort and professional woodworking craftsmanship that makes it stand out against any other type of furniture.

If high quality and assurance of durability is what you prefer, then you will not go wrong in choosing Amish furniture for your home.

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