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Get Antique Armoires for Your House to Add Grandeur and a Regal Touch!

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Antique Armoires are large wardrobes which are old and valued! These multipurpose and highly versatile wardrobes or cabinets are steadily becoming a necessity in the collection of furniture. They are really useful in a large number of ways and are decorative too. The word ‘Armoire’ is also known as ‘the parent of the wardrobe’.

An antique armoire brings a new level of distinction to one’s antique collection. The word “armoire” has French origin. It means armor but also it has a similarity to the word in French for love, “amour” and even this relation is somewhat fitting to the context. It has been an enchantment for families and an important part of one’s antique collection for centuries now because of its inherent beauty and high usefulness.

The armoire is an antique furniture, a freestanding antique cabinet which is set on a rather small feet. There are antique jewelry armoires which are highly decorated, have one or more than one doors which are carved so intricately that one look of it makes one wonder on the amount of work which was put behind it. Also, many of the armoires are mirrored and/or studded with antique jewelry which gives it a spectacular and dazzling look. The mirrors add another dimension to their versatility. The painted armoires are those which are painted instead of polished.

A century or so ago, armoires were found in modest farmhouses to really rich castles and houses. Today, these antique armoires are offered in a large number of styles. Choice is also available in the kind of wood which is used to make it. The armoires made of antique wood are largely sought after.

Presently, the furniture armoires are not an item in demand because they look good or have a rich history, but in most cases, it’s the use that makes it so very popular. The large number of shelves, nooks, crannies, and drawers which are present, make it possible to get large amount of storage capacity in a much less amount of space. Also, their large sizes complement the high ceilings which are often present in the houses.

These antique armoires do look very good when they are complemented by other large furnishings, like a sofa or bed which is larger in size than usual. Small delicate furniture will spoil the balance and theme of the room. Hence it is essential that all the other pieces of furniture are in harmony with it.

The antique armoires can cost thousands of dollars. The price increases with the underlying history, wood used, size, carving, and jewelry used. But it is an asset to one’s furniture collection and an impressive item in one’s antique collection, which makes its price justifiable to a large extent.

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