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The Assortment of Antique Wall Clocks Come in Various Styles and Designs

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The antique wall clocks are mostly equipped with alarm system. The clock case is usually of elm with brass weights, a pendulum and two hands, all retaining their original brightness. The arch dial is colored thereby maintaining its primary glow. The thirty hour movements strike the hour and half-hour on a bell. Generally, such antique wall clocks have a height of 50 inches.

Some of these antique time pieces have a faux grain finish and are highlighted with black. The dial of two-piece enamel has Roman Numbers. The pendulum is made of wood and has a shining brass bob. These antique master pieces are driven by polished brass weight filled with lead. The German two-weight wall clocks in tan and black case have an attractive burl wood veneer on the rear side of the case.

The built-in crown has a Victorian woman head on the center. The pendulum is dangled by a wooden rod. The clock strikes the passing hours on a gong made of coil. The Austrian Grande clock is in traditional style and is made from walnut solid and veneers. The hands of the clock are very slender and delicate.

The weights are made of brass. They hang from carved brass. The eight-days, three-weight movement is not marked. The long case clock is a free standing weight driven pendulum clock with a pendulum held inside the tower. They are also known as tall case, grand-father or floor clock.

Clocks of such style are about six to eight feet tall and the case features elaborately carved ornamentation on the hood surrounding the frame or clock face. The long case clock is a striking clock sounding the time on each hour or fraction of an hour. Traditionally, a long case clock has two types of movements – eight days and one day. The eight day clocks are driven by two weights, one driving the pendulum and the other striking mechanism. Most long case clocks are cable driven.

The large wall clocks are definitely better when it comes to making a timely statement on home walls. They generally measure 21 inches and 42 inches in diameter, perfect for big wall space in need of an elegant touch. Some of the large wall clocks are handsome time clocks embellished with antique hand along with brass accents and decorative winding mechanism. They provide a stunning accent to any home. The antique wall clocks are usually crafted of the finest materials and display precision workmanship ensuring quality and performance.

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