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Baby Bedding Selection Made Easy For Parents

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Soft and Lovely Baby Bedding - photo by efordhamChoosing baby bedding that fits in with the overall design of a nursery is a big task for parents-to-be. New parents are normally very excited in preparing the nursery for their family’s newest member. Outfitting the nursery therefore becomes a very stressful exercise because it never seems quite right especially when grandparents to be from both sides become involved.

However, this does not have to be case if you abide by the following guidelines in making your baby bedding selection:

1. Determine the delivery date of the baby. As soon as this is determined, you now have a starting point from which to decide what type of baby bedding material you need to buy for your baby. Buy cotton baby beddings if the baby will be born during the warm months or flannel, wool or silk if the baby will be born during cold weather.

Cotton is cool and comfortable on the skin while flannel, wool or silk may be better during the cold months. However, keep in mind that some newborns develop rashes from woolen beddings, so it may be best to choose flannel for your baby beddings. Don’t go overboard and buy several at once!

2. Give more weight and importance to your baby’s comfort instead of color coordination when making your selection of baby bedding ensemble. Remember, your baby will be spending the first 5 or 6 months in bed! Make sure your baby is as comfortable as can be all the time.

3. Instead of buying each baby bedding item individually, settle for a baby bedding set. Not only do they come cheaper, they are already color or design coordinated which saves you from a lot of unnecessary worries. Complete baby bedding sets usually contain a pillowcase, baby blanket, cot sheet and a quilt. However, it is not recommended that you use a pillow for the baby because of the danger of suffocation and bone skull deformation.

4. If you already know the gender of your baby, you can buy baby beddings with the appropriate color mix, design or theme.

5. Another option is to make your own baby bedding or have someone do it for you. By doing so, you have the freedom to mix and match colors and designs that have a universal appeal regardless of gender. Not only is this practical; you can use the same baby beddings for future members of your family but more importantly it will keep you occupied while waiting for the big day!

Keep in mind that the most important consideration in selecting baby bedding is comfort and functionality. Designs and themes are less important and are only cosmetic. As the baby gets older, then you can select baby bedding that reflect contemporary themes that the baby can take pleasure in and identify with.

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3 Responses to “Baby Bedding Selection Made Easy For Parents”
  1. i always prefer those wool and cotton baby beddings because they keep the baby warm:.;

  2. John Ali says:

    i always make sure that my baby bedding does not have any dust mites on it-,`

  3. my baby beddings are made up of super soft cotton and wool coverings;`*

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