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Bamboo Blinds Make Your Home More Oriental Feel

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New Bedroom Bamboo Blinds - photo by ThemerkinBamboo blinds – they might sound fragile or ineffective, but they’re surprisingly practical, as well as elegant, economical and easy to clean.

Today’s homemakers prefer a contemporary and natural appearance, and bamboo blinds make a family room or kitchen look modern without looking cold. The wood gives rooms a chic Oriental feel, and the neutral colors offer endless possibilities for decoration. In addition, bamboo blinds are trendy without being a fad, and a great way to bring nature indoors.

Bamboo blinds are an inexpensive way to dress up your room with wood, adding a warm depth to your room. Bamboo’s color can enhance and complement your curtains and furniture, giving the room a naturally trendy look. Woven bamboo blinds make a particularly distinctive addition to traditional homes and give a stylistic flavor to modern ones.

Bamboo is a thin, translucent wood, so bamboo blinds allow light to pass through. Bamboo blinds to lessen the intensity of sunlight, so the room becomes incredibly cool and shaded when you close the blinds. If your house faces a busy street or you are close to your neighbors, this feature offers both privacy and natural light. Blinds made from bamboo also withstand harsh sunlight conditions, and the finish or paint on your blinds won’t peel or fade.

Bamboo blinds are also popular because they’re easy to clean – simply spray the blinds with a wood cleaner and wipe clean. Drapery can add softness and color to the room, while preserving the natural appearance. Furthermore, bamboo blinds are typically easy to install, similar to plastic blinds.

It is important that blinds, like any decor choice, match the overall style of the room. Bamboo blinds match well with almost any decor, unlike typical PVC blinds or heavy shutter blinds. Additionally, bamboo blinds are available in a range of shades for indoor as well as outdoor use. Dyed bamboo blinds that suit the decor and color of your room look even more beautiful as they add splashes of color to the room, without breaking your budget.

Bamboo blinds add a sophisticated and warm touch to any room. Considering they’re chic, economical and practical, I enthusiastically recommend them. You can purchase bamboo blinds at major home decor stores.


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