Monday, December 18, 2017

Bathroom Exhaust Fans Are A Necessity For A Clean Bathroom

Any job which involves construction, repairs or installation, say, for example, that of bathroom exhaust fans, can seem daunting at first but if you stick to the basic facts, even a novice cannot go wrong. We spend lots of money on doing up the interior of our homes, be it the living room or the bedrooms or the kitchen. Even the bathroom is not neglected anymore. We buy the best of tiles and fixtures for the bathroom, color co-ordinate the sanitary fittings with the color schemes of the bathroom and in general, set out to make the bathroom look as inviting as possible.

But, have you noticed how stuffy the bathroom becomes every time it is used, especially after baths? That’s because you may have forgotten that most basic of lesson, that the bathroom is a place where a lot of moisture accumulates and if it lacks proper ventilation, it will become stuffy.

Mold and moisture are the two enemies of the bathroom and bathroom exhaust fans can fight them. Your newly painted bathroom will start to peel, doors will start getting warped and mold may start accumulating. A simple bathroom vent fan can significantly reduce this problem or cut it out totally.

Bathroom exhaust fans come in a bewildering variety ranging from the most basic to highly sophisticated ones inclusive of timers and lights and heaters. Bathroom ventilation fans with timers are popular because it saves on checking the time and remembering to switch off the fan. Bathroom fans have become less noisy and though everyone would like to go in for the quietest, the budget may not permit that choice.

Fix bathroom exhaust fans properly and you can lessen the noise level. It also helps to use screws instead of nails in the installation. A gradual degree of venting takes place in larger vents whose turns are gentle thus making way for quieter fans. Vents having sharp bends cause more noise. An insulated duct also helps in curtailing noise.

Some bathroom fans are meant to be mounted on ceilings while some are designed for wall mounting. Ceiling grilles are used in showers or over tubs and water closets so that moisture can be exhausted soon. A few top-notch fans come with a protective covering which makes them safe and easy to be mounted in wet areas. Wall fans should be mounted on exterior walls and their ducting should be outside.

Combination exhaust fans with timers, lights and heaters require extra cable from the switch box and the electrical wiring should be done after the unit has been fitted. Independent light and fan switches require double switches. You even have the luxury of choosing bathroom exhaust fans in many colors apart from the staid white.

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