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Bathroom Mirror Lights – Buying and Installation Tips

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Bathroom Mirror Light Designs
Thinking of buying some stylish bathroom mirror lights for your home? If so, then this guide on how to have the finest illuminated bathroom mirrors can help you make the right choice of buying quality mirror lights for this part of your home. Just read along and learn more about essential tips and techniques that can ensure you of chic bathroom mirrors with lights, which can make a massive difference to the room’s overall appeal.

Vanity Lighting – Key Facts You Should Know

Bathrooms are quite tricky aspects of your home that will require intricate lighting designing. After all, you want to make sure that you come up with a functional lighting solution to this portion of your home. Moreover, grooming needs a good amount of lighting, which must be placed approriately. By having too little light, you may not be able to find it easy to do certain tasks in the bathroom, and this can even lead to glare issues. What’s more, you want something that will look appealing and functional for your bathroom, as well. The lighting should also fit the room’s motif quite perfectly.

Tips on Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirror Light Fixtures

Considering the importance of a vanity lighting for your bathroom, it helps to know certain tips that will guide you in finding the right item for your needs. Here are some of the things to consider when buying and installing your mirror lights.

1. Know your options

Vanity lighting is a type of light fixture that you can install alongside or above the mirror. When it comes to choosing the right one, you will have to take into account the color temperature and the color rendering index of the lights. Generally, you will need a fixture that comes with a CRI rating of above 90, as this will give you a good lighting effect. Halogen and incadescent light sources are your best bet since these render the most accurate color quality.

In case you prefer fluorescent of energy-saving LED lights, just be sure to have a CRI that reaches at least a 90. This want, color rendering in the bathroom will look appealing and pleasant. As for the color temperature, warmer ones with 2700 to 3000K are practical choices. These are flattering options, and they can make the bathroom appear inviting.

2. Consider the right height when installing the lights

If you plan to mount wall sconces on all the sides of your mirror, then it is ideal to mount theseat around 60 inches high with a distance of 28 inches. On the other hand, mounting the light at 78 inches high is recommended when you want to install a bath bar just above your mirror.

As for the angle to be considered when mounting the lighting, you should determine first the dimensions of the mirror. An angled type of bathroom light is not necessary when the fixture comes with a diffuser.

3. Go for energy-efficient vanity lights for the bathroom

You may want to choose fluorescent and LED lights for your bathroom, as these are energy-efficient choices. What’s more, you can dim these lights when you use them with the right dimmer. You may also want to use halogen and incadescent lights that can be dimmed to prolong the lifespan of the bulb.

4. Determine the number of lights to install

More lighting is always a more practical choice since you can always choose to dim the lights. In fact, you want to have quite a few bathroom lights, particularly when you do a number of tasks every day in this part of your home. A layered lighting plan may do the trick for your bathroom, and this can address your lighting needs perfectly.

Light layers that work great in bathrooms include wall sconces, which define space effectively. The use of small chandeliers is also a good choice for a bathroom as these offer general and excellent illumination. There are also LED uplights that can be installed right in your shower for greater functionality.

These are only some of the things that you should consider when buying and installing your bathroom mirror lights. By having the perfect light fixture, you can give this part of your home a more appealing and cozy ambience that you want.

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