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Eye-Catching Bathroom Mirrors Give Life to Your Bathroom

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Large Wooden Frame Bathroom Mirror
photo by Tracy Lee Carroll

The importance of bathroom mirrors in your bathroom can not be understated. Most people simply think that mirrors are just mirrors but little do they know that it is one of the important elements in bathroom decor and design. Your eyes may feast on bathrooms that have boldly colored walls, ornately designed floor tiles and flawless fixtures set off by pottery for the perfect ensemble but these are ultimately held together by the all-important element – the bathroom mirror! Bathroom mirrors have the built-in ability to completely transform the atmosphere, look and feel of a bathroom in the way it reflects distribute natural and artificial light.

There are literally unlimited options available to you when choosing bathroom mirrors to set up the perfect look in your bathroom, be it traditional, old-fashioned or contemporary. Old fashioned or Victorian-style bathroom mirrors are usually arched and characterized by its distinctive dark and luxurious wooden frames. However, to achieve the same look today, you do not necessarily have to have wood framed bathroom mirrors.

The most important criteria you have to pay careful attention to in selecting your bathroom mirror is the size of your bathroom and the width of your bathroom vanity. If your bathroom vanity has double basins, it is best to install wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors the length of the bathroom vanity. This is the secret to effectively diffuse natural and artificial lighting in the bathroom; wall-to-wall mirrors also give the optical illusion that the bathroom is a great deal bigger than it really is. Keep in mind however that it is not advisable to have your bathroom mirror extend beyond the vanity as this will create an unbalanced look which negates the primary effect of the bathroom mirror.

Bathroom mirrors become more effective in diffusing light when bathroom furnishings are predominantly white in color as they reflect light back and forth which then gives you the freedom to introduce warm colors for your racks, rugs, shower door frames and accents.

If you prefer the modern and contemporary look for your bathroom, you can easily achieve this by choosing frameless bathroom mirrors with inset lighting deliver. However, this is not as easy as it sounds because of the numerous choices available.

You can opt for circular, oval, square or landscape mirrors with inset lighting that have beveled or plain edges, brushed finished, or polished. As if these are not enough, you have a choice to have them wall-mounted, tilting or floating! You also have the choice of installing a his/her mirror, with matching pendant lights. Optionally, you can have the doors of your shower enclosure made of nickel chrome, polished chrome or pewter mirrors to maximize not only the light diffusion effect of mirrors but also to “enlarge” your bathroom. For a more dramatic effect, you can install a bathroom mirror with built in lighting inside the shower enclosure to further enhance the functionality of bathroom mirrors.

You will never run out of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom mirror to unite the various elements in your bathroom, from the fixtures to the vanity to the shower door. In fact, your bathroom redecorating efforts literally become easier because of the various bathroom mirror designs, styles and sizes that fit with other bathroom components with no trouble at all.

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