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Bathroom Vanities Give Your Bathroom a Unique Identity

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Classy Bathroom Vanity - photo by Dr.Motte

Bathroom vanities offer more possibilities in overcoming the inherent limitation associated with decorating your bathroom. Regardless of the limits imposed by bathroom fixtures, tile designs and colors bathroom vanities can be the one very valuable bathroom accessory (if you can call it that) that can impart a unique identity to your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities can completely and independently change a bathroom’s overall decorative scheme and make it stand out among all the other bathrooms you normally see. With the wide choices of style, material, design and theme of bathroom vanities to choose from, it really does not matter what color of tiles you used in your bathroom or what type of fixtures you have installed. You will definitely find bathroom vanities that enhance your present bathroom as soon as they are installed.

Although finding the right bathroom vanity for your bathroom that will lend it uniqueness and a look all its own, the effort is very well worth the trouble. By making the right choose, the bathroom vanity you choose can be the focal point of your bathroom instead of just an add-on, your success in making the right choice makes the bathroom vanity unite all of the elements in your bathroom no matter how incongruous they may have been before. However, even if it does not unite the all the other bathroom elements together, it can serve as the contrast to make them stand out!

Whether your bathroom vanity becomes the unifying factor, the focal point or the contrast, it will surely have a significant effect on your bathroom! There are so many possible designs and color combination that you can choose from. But if you want to opt for understated elegance instead of the baroque then choose a basic bathroom vanity. Basic bathroom vanities usually consist of a countertop, an inlaid sink, mirror and cabinets underneath. This basic design is more than sufficient to complement most bathroom decors. You can either choose to stain or paint the cabinet or laminate them with granite vinyl tiles and use another type of finish or lamination for the countertop, although you are also free to use any number of surfaces that suits your fancy. Going with the basic model gives you more flexibility in choosing the type of finish and design that you want to achieve.

If you prefer the more distinctive models, you can choose from the wide variety of bathroom vanities that have more ornate fixtures like stainless steel mirrors, chrome fixtures, glass and steel combinations or wood and brass combinations. You can also go geometric in terms of colors and materials if you want! You can even opt for recessed lights, track lighting or pendant lamps on the countertop and indirect lighting on the mirror itself!

Whatever takes your fancy in terms of design, colors and materials can be incorporated in your choice of bathroom vanities but be sure that your final choice will be functional and decorative as well!


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  1. bathroom vanities that are made of wood looks elegant and stylish”~*

  2. bathroom vanities need not be expensive, there are many bathroom vanities that can be bought at a bargain price :*’

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