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Decorative and Strategic Bathroom Window Treatment

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Bathroom window treatment is a necessity in order to keep the area as private as possible since the bathroom is the place where we clean our body, take a shower or bath. Obviously, this requires us to take off all our clothes!

Some people opt to have just a small window in the bathroom but if you are like me who likes to have a big window, then finding the right bathroom window treatment is absolutely essential to meet the personal preference of having a window and maintaining privacy and propriety at the same time.

Simply closing the window or covering it with a window blind is the most common solution. However, you have other alternatives which are equally effective and decorative as well. No matter what the position of your bathroom window in relation to the other bathroom fixtures the vanity, shower, bathtub you can turn the window into a decorative section of your bathroom by exercising your creativity.

Bathroom Window Treatment Options

If you have a regular sized (or God forbid, oversized!) window in your bathroom, keeping your privacy becomes a high priority while at the same time keeping renovation costs to the barest minimum.

Window Grills – make sure to maintain security by installing iron grills on the outside wall and that the window is locked but can be opened from the inside for additional safety measures.

Window Blind – the most common and inexpensive bathroom window treatment. Window blinds are available in a variety of colors and materials.

Stained Glass – you can install a stained glass panel over the glass portion of the window on the inside so that from the outside, what other people will see is the design of the stained glass, especially when lights are on. There is no way anybody can peek into your bathroom while at the same time maximizing its decorative effect!

Louvers – have adjustable louvers built-in to the window frame so that you can control the amount of light in your bathroom window. Optionally, the louver can have a design all it’s sign, a sort of montage effect that when looked at from a distance appears to be continuous.

Etcetera – whatever is in your mind, as long as you keep it within the bounds of practicality and reasonable expenditure!

Bathroom window treatments are not limited by the physical dimensions of the window, use your creativity and you will discover that it is a fun project during your free time!

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