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Bed Comforter Selection Made Easy

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Branded Bedroom Comforter
photo by Mona Kiriakopoulos

With the right bed comforter, your bed becomes a welcoming, warm and comfortable place to sleep in and/or relax your tired muscles after a long day at the office or a hard day at the gym. Additionally, a bed comforter can also enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom because of the wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. On the other hand, not all bed comforters are created equal and so are the beds they go on. Therefore, choosing the right bed comforter takes some thought and preparation and requires some basic measurements in order to get the perfect fit for your bed.

If your bed comes in the standard King, Queen and Full sizes then picking out a bed comforter would have been relatively straightforward and uncomplicated; however, many mattresses these days are do not conform to these standard sizes because manufacturers have added features that increase the thickness of mattresses. Therefore, you have to accurately take the measurements of your bed mattress (length, width and thickness) to ensure that the bed comforter you pick up is a perfect fit.

Always look for the manufacture’s label when choosing a bed comforter to determine the threads per inch (TPI) rating of the comforter. A TPI count above 200 assures you of a high quality bed comforter that is soft and comfortable and that the fabric used is durable; do not settle for TPI counts of less than 200 which would normally cost less.

Choose one with different designs on each side. This gives you a 2-in-1 bed comforter for the price on one; simply reversing it would give you a totally different look on the bed and in the bedroom.

When buying a down comforters be sure to check the down to feather ratio. If the bed comforter you choose has a high down to feather ratio, make sure that it is down proof as down can work its way out of the covers.

Check the stitching of the quilt to make sure that the insulation material is held in place and does not shift inside the bed comforter. This is very annoying!

After carefully checking for the bed comforter’s characteristics (usually on the comforter package or the manufacture’s care label instructions) then you can decide on the colors and designs of the comforter that fits your fit bed.

Use these guidelines to choose your bed comforter wisely and benefit from its functionality and appearance at the same time for years to come.

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