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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Comforters for Teenagers

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One of the best bedroom accessories parents can give to their children are bedroom comforters for teenagers. Especially now that summer would soon be over and the cold months are fast approaching, bed comforters would surely keep your teenagers warm at night and in the early mornings.

Luckily, there are several designs of bedroom comforters for teenagers that are available in the market. Bed comforters no longer come only in the staid or dull designs most young people find boring. You can now buy comforter bedroom sets that have radical designs and themes that will satisfy even the most finicky teenager, even in a wide variety of colors!

Comforter bedroom sets generally correspond to normal bed sizes such as twin, full, queen and king although they are slightly larger than actual bed sizes so that the comforter drapes over the sides of the bed. Bed comforters are filled with layers of material which could either be polyester, down feathers, wool or silk whereas outer shells are made of cotton, silk or polyester with varying thread counts.

The outer shells are what come in various colors and designs, so in choosing a bedroom comforter for teenagers, make sure that the color scheme and/or design fit in with your son’s or daughter’s teen bedroom ideas. You don’t want to force your ideas on them because like it or not, they have a different perspective. Leave the choosing of the designs and colors or motif when buying comforter bedroom sets for children but be firm when it comes to choosing the filling material property depending on the climate of your locality.

Down or feathers are commonly used as filling material. They are very effective insulators against the cold; however, down is more efficient and a lot softer and warmer which means a little bit more expensive. However, down or feather bed comforters are not recommended bedroom comforters for teenagers with allergies with either down or feathers.

Polyester fiber bed comforters, although not as luxurious feeling as down but are a good alternative for allergy sufferers.

When choosing your teenager’s bedroom sets, make sure that you consider the bed covering’s fill weight. This is the amount of filling used between the top and bottom covering of bed comforters. The greater the fill weight, the more body heat will be held in by the bedroom comforter.

Another factor to consider in buying comforter bedroom sets is thread count. Higher thread counts (330 or more) provide a denser fabric with a close weave that prevents filling materials from working their way out of the bedding. It also means a silkier feel to the comforter.

Construction is final factor you have to consider when buying bedroom comforters for children. There is the sewn-through method of inexpensive comforter bedroom sets or the baffle box construction of more expensive (but more durable) bed comforters.

Choosing the right bedroom comforters for teenagers need not be difficult as long as you keep your mind open to teen’s bedroom ideas and are aware of the important factors you have to consider.

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