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Affordable Bedroom Furniture Refurbishing Techniques

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Modern Elegant Bedroom FurnitureAll furniture eventually grow old – bedroom furniture, patio furniture, the dining table, living room sofas and credenzas even armoires; they all become old, worn out and boring!

This is very true of furniture especially if you have little kids in the house. They write and make drawings on walls, desktops, armrests, closet doors, bedposts, ottomans etcetera. Added to these are the natural wear and tear that results in wood cracks, paint chipping and plain dirt that build up over time.

Although these are just superficial and can be easily taken cared of, over familiarity and the monotony of particular furniture pieces are equally more difficult to ignore. Of all the furniture in our home, bedroom furniture are the ones that easily become boring because whether we like it or not, we spend a great percentage of our time in our rooms although most of that time is spent sleeping in bed!

However, you do not need to suffer with the monotony of your furniture, even your bedroom furniture. You do not even have to replace them as this can be quite costly and besides even if you do, the time will come when they will also become boring to your eyes! One fun and equally exciting option that you can do regarding boring bedroom furniture or any type of furniture for that matter is to jazz them up!

Jazzing up your furniture can immediately bring back excitement to the furniture pieces and prolong their serviceable and functional life for many years to come.

Some people think that refurbishing bedroom furniture is anchored on the color scheme of the bedroom they belong to; however, do not let this hem you in and limit your creativity. It’s your room and bedroom furniture after all, so throw caution to the wind and fire up your creativity to the maximum level and let your hair down!

For the kids, let them choose their own style refurbishing bedroom furniture with tole painting whereas parents can opt to antique or distress their bedroom furniture.

Tole painting, distressing and antiquing are three ways you can jazz up your bedroom furniture pieces. Let your children do their own thing using acrylic paint and any design they may prefer. On the other hand, you can either antique or distress your bedroom furniture to make them look older; this makes them look more graceful instead of beaten up and worn.

In refurbishing you bedroom furniture, no matter which technique you use, make sure that the furniture is thoroughly clean, sanded and dry before applying the first coat of paint or stain. Remember to allow a good amount of time to let the paint dry so it doesn’t blot when you apply the second coating on top of it.

If there are deep gouges on the furniture, make sure to use natural wood filler to avoid uneven patches on the surface of the furniture. However, small gouges or dents in the wood may actually work in your favor if you decide to antique or distress your bedroom furniture, as it would further lend character to the effect and individuality to the furniture.

The next time you feel bored with your bedroom furniture or living room and kitchen furniture, think about the refurbishing options at your disposal before you decide to replace them. Refurbishing costs less and offers your family the quality time to participate in a rewarding exercise together.

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