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Black and White Striped Curtains Help You Show Your Boldness

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Black and White Striped Curtain Designs
Many say that the windows are the “eyes of the room,” which is why you should make them the center of attention with black and white striped curtains. They are a functional and fashionable addition to any room. Learn more about them below.

These curtains are available in a variety of materials. The materials should be considered for their thickness since that affects the light that enters your room. If you want a great amount of light to illuminate the room, then it may be best to choose sheer, lightweight materials like silk, satin or chiffon, or even medium-weight materials like polyester or cotton if you want a little light to come through. If you wish to block out as much light as possible, try looking into heavier materials such as velvet, rayon, and various weaves like tweed.

You can also look into varieties that have blackout linings. Some curtains include these linings, but the linings can also be bought and attached separately. This works well if a heavy material is not available because you can simply place one of these liners behind a sheer material to keep light from entering. While these linings block out the majority of incoming light when they are closed, they do not block out all light.

Washing instructions are another consideration. Some materials like cotton require regular washing and drying, while other materials like tweed or those with blackout linings may require dry cleaning. The care instructions should be included with your curtains.

Numerous lengths and widths exist for these window treatments. You can find many panel sizes in these black and white striped curtains that fit wide and short living room windows or tall and narrow bedroom windows. No matter what size window your rooms have, you should have little trouble finding a pair of these curtains to fit them.

Many stripe variations are also available in these black and white curtains. They can be found with wide stripes, thin stripes, or even with pinstripes. There are also different stripe orientations. The stripes can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. They are available in more than straight stripes as well. You can find some with zigzag, chevron, and other interesting striped patterns.

Since stripes are considered a type of simple pattern, making your own pair of these curtains is also an option. You can decide on the materials, if you want blackout lining, how thick or thin the stripes should be, and what stripe pattern and orientation you want.

A simple way to make your own is by first obtaining a pair of plain, solid white or black curtains. Then, you can easily add the same or a different material on top of these to create the white or black stripes. This can be done either with or without sewing depending on your preferences.

While the pattern of these curtains have a striking appearance, they do complement many types of interior design and styles. Some have described them as “Parisian-style,” so they would fit in well with that style or other similar styles.

They also work well with styles like cottage, modern, postmodern, Gothic, and industrial. In classical, traditional, and other simpler designs, the stark contrast can be used to make them strong accent pieces. They even work well as festive pieces for holidays like Halloween. Due to being evocative of cold weather and coats, these striped panels are ideal pieces during seasons like fall.

Various curtain rod colors also work with these curtains designs. Bold colors like black, white and even other neutral shades can help them “pop” more. They pair nicely with classic metal colors like gold, brass, silver, etc. as well. To go with these metal rod colors, you can find matching metal accessories like grommets.

Different rod styles are another way to boost their appearance. Both simple and intricate rod styles work with them. Their presentation can be made more dramatic by using a traverse rod instead of a plain standard rod. Many varieties come with matching valences, too.

Black and white striped curtains are simple, yet eye-catching window treatments. Depending on the material and style of the room they are installed in, you can control the amount of light they allow in and the amount of impact they add to your room.

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