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Bring New Fashion Trends Into Your Home

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What is a fashionista? According to the dictionary, a fashionista is a ‘devoted follower of fashion’, so if you identify with this then you are a true fashionista, and a fashionista isn’t only about her clothes and accessories but also about her home. So how about you try some of the newest and freshest fashion trends and incorporate them into your home?

Colour Blocking

Go for a bright blue bed cover and in contrast get a black carpet and curtains in your bedroom, and if you’re looking for new bedroom furniture have a look at Bensons. In your living room you can buy a beautiful purple sofa and decorate it with pretty orange and red cushions. Then get a white coffee table to tone it down a bit, but get multicoloured flower bouquet to put on top of it and everything will click.

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Say your bathroom is all white, then why not spruce things up a bit by getting a pretty bright green rug that you can match with bright blue towels. And if you really want to go all the way, paint you door black and the effect will be outstanding. In your kitchen go for beautiful sunlight yellow paint. To make it stand out, get bright pink kitchen worktops and cabinets. Everything else should be white, except for the curtains which would look amazing if they were green.

Crazy Prints

I bet you’ve never thought of tartan as one of your main decorating themes, but why not? Think about your favourite white sofa that you’re always careful with and always worried about when people come over or when you’re having a party, and imagine it covered in tartan. It might seem shocking initially but the more you think about it the better it sounds.

Now close your eyes and think of your pretty polka dot dress that you wear on special occasions and think how pretty it would look as a wallpaper in your living room or dining room. Just think, white table, black chairs with a beautiful polka dot wallpaper in the background, looks like heaven to me.

So if you want a modern home in line with the newest trends and tendencies, then just pick up a fashion magazine and as long as you have an open mind you will not only end up with a beautiful home but with a fashionable one as well. Enjoy!

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