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Choose Kitchen Cabinet Designs Wisely to Enhance your Home’s Appeal

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Wooden Kitchen Cabinet - photo by Sherman HayesThere are many factors to consider before making the final choice of the cabinet design you want to install in your kitchen. Some designs are simply appealing while others are simply functional; the best criteria is to balance the form and function of cabinet design in order to lessen the clutter of your kitchen and enhance its visual appeal and also add value to your home.

Cabinet Materials
There are a wide variety of cabinet materials to choose from. Making a comeback are the natural motif in the kitchen which makes a perfect complement to marble or granite counter tops and stone floors slate or brick. Using wood for cabinet material will greatly enhance all the other components of your kitchen. More so, if you choose wood with natural knots or whorls although these could be quit expensive. However, do not let this deter you from enhancing your kitchen as there are wood laminates that the natural designs of wood such as maple, walnut, cherry, pine or birch; if your budget allows, you can forego the laminates and use the real thing!

Cabinet Styles and Designs
There are plenty of available styles and designs of kitchen cabinets. In making your choice, give due consideration to ease of reach, storage space and visual appeal. Decide whether you want the traditional look of calm and conservative colors that match the other items in your kitchen, the contemporary style which sports minimalist lines and metallic accents or the country style which presents a rustic, worn and homey atmosphere.

However, if you are the do-it-yourself type of person and enjoy woodworking projects, you can order pre-cut, ready-to-assemble cabinets in raw wood form. This provides you and your wife the opportunity to incorporate your personal touch in constructing your kitchen cabinets. You can stain, color, or paint the cabinets or choose to stencil or even etch your own designs for a personalized look in your kitchen.

In planning your kitchen cabinet design, pay careful attention to sizes and measurements most especially the corner area intersection of the sink and stove to maximize functionality and usable space to your advantage.

Endure that you maintain a harmony between the following: the kitchen flooring, the countertop, your kitchen appliances including the backsplash and other utensils in deciding on your cabinet design.

Make sure the one you settle one complements and enhances your kitchen in terms of functionality and design.

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