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Feng Shui Water Fountains Brings a Sense of Harmony and Tranquility

July 18, 2011 by  
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Feng Shui Water Fountains are said to bring about positive energy in your home and are considered as a good resource of treatment and cure for many problems. Available in different shapes, sizes and designs, Feng shui water fountains can serve dual purpose in your house. They serve as a beautiful piece of décor and […]

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors To Bring You Peace And Prosperity

June 15, 2011 by  
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Feng shui bedroom colors include a vast range of bright as well as sober color shades that can be used in bedrooms and all other different parts of your house to bring peace and prosperity. To help you get an idea about the meaning of different feng shui colors, so that you can pick out […]

Making Your Bedroom a Master Retreat by Using Feng Shui in Bedrooms

July 19, 2009 by  
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Feng Shui in bedrooms is considered very important as the bedroom is the room of your house where maximum time is spent by you. Originated in China, Feng Shui, the philosophy of design and arrangement is now becoming popular all over the world. The bedroom is for relaxing, sleeping and making love and Feng Shui […]

Antique For Sale Is An Opportunity To Buy Something Which Belongs To A Different Era

October 17, 2008 by  
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An antique for sale is an object which belonged to the people of the olden times or who lived hundreds of years ago and is available for sale now. They are considered to be precious and people want to own them because they are rare and cannot be seen easily. The artistic created as well […]

Knowing The Lucky House Numbers In Feng Shui For Luck

March 2, 2008 by  
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House numbers in feng shui have been one of the most revered and sacred information from this famed and authentic Chinese tradition. Such is the power and forcefulness of these house numbers in the art of feng shui that even real estate and property selling is influenced by the house numbers in Chinese based localities […]

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