Thursday, November 23, 2017

Must Have CD Storage Solutions

The days when CDs are just for music are long gone. Today, with CD and DVD writers being standard equipment in all personal computers and their huge storage capability from 750MB up to 4GB, a lot of people find it more convenient to store information, photographs and amateur home movies.

However, just like the floppy disks of not so long ago most of us probably have a fair share of these optical disks lying around – inside desk drawers, tables, briefcases and work tables. Just like their floppy counterparts, CDs also need their own storage in order to keep the information in them safe and accessible several years from now. To do this, you have to have a practical and workable CD storage solution that adequately protects your valuable collection from dust, scratches and the occasional breakage. You can bring about CD storage in a lot of ways including ones that do not require any purchase of CD storage systems.

There are a lot of CD storage systems that you can find almost anywhere; from CD towers to racks to folding cases to pouches and caddies. All these types of CD storage systems can be bought at computer, video and music stores and bookstores. If you want something unique, you can have use or make a box that can accommodate your CD cases and the jewel case they are usually packaged in.

Making your own CD storage solution is not only economical but you can incorporate your own personal design, color and style. It can be an old shoe box which you or your children can paint and decorate and make it look nifty!

However, if you have hundreds of CDs that need a storage solution, buying a stackable box system might be the answer since you can categorize your CD and store them all in one easily accessible location and make them portable as well!

Whatever type of CD storage solution you decide on, make sure that the primary concern of protection against dust, spills and even breakage can be provided. Otherwise, your CD storage solution is not worth the time and effort to store those memorable pictures, home movies, favorite songs, movies and information and data that you have collected over the years.

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