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Tips to Finding A Ceiling Fan Replacement Blade When the Old Ones Age

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Sometimes the problem of finding ceiling fan replacement blades urgently arises. Often it happens that while the main body of the fan is hale and hearty the limbs of the blades look worn and weary. The paints are chipped and sometimes the blades get warped. This will affect the wind flow and beat the very purpose for which the fan has been installed.

The best place is to knock on the doors of the original manufacturer to find the exact fit. But it is not as easily done as said. It is not like going to the shop after breakfast and returning with it before lunch and has the blades of ceiling fan screwed on.

The ones sitting on the shop shelves are suitable for a particular model consistent with the motor and fan design. A different set of blades, which is either too heavy or too wide, will slow down the fan and put pressure on the motor. Narrow blades will move slowly. The best thing is to contact the manufacturer to get the exact replica of the originals. The size of a 3 blade ceiling fan will differ from others.

While looking for a ceiling fan replacement blade note the spacing of the hole for attaching the units to the brackets. Some of the replacement blades are pre-drilled as per standard specifications while others do not have such holes. In these instances the holes will have to be drilled or altered to fit the main body.

Using the bracket as a template the holes are to be marked after lining up the blades. The holes must be exactly on the same point on each blade otherwise the alignment will be thrown off gear and the entire unit will become useless.

Some companies have replacement blades in the ‘palm leaf’ design that is very popular. It fits on any standard fan. But these offers should be grabbed with a pinch of salt as the same problems and faults may arise.

Good things do not last forever and this adage applies to fans also. The first to show signs of tiredness and age are the blades. A good suggestion is to use ceiling fan blade cover for the long periods of time when the weather does not require the circulation of cool air. To some extent it will add to the life of the fan.

However ceiling fan replacement parts are easily available. If the fan is under the warranty cover then the manufacturer will replace without charging anything. However it is well to keep in mind that many parts of the fan are specific to that brand.

Through customer service support the manufacturer is interested in putting the best foot forward even if the warranty period is over. Trading in ceiling fan replacement parts is good business. So it is not difficult to find a ceiling fan replacement blade.


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