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Choosing The Perfect Chandeliers for Your Home

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Antique Crystal Chandelier - photo by Rachel CowanChandeliers add glitter and shine not only to your home’s main reception area but to the whole house as well. Have you noticed how chandeliers in hotel lobbies add elegance and light as well as captivate you with the sophistication of chandelier lights? Chandeliers literally reflect the old world grandiosity of the bygone era of castles and kings because that is what they were actually used for in the past – to light up the great halls of a castle!

The most popular type of chandelier is the one made from crystal. Not only is it a work of art but also a functional lighting piece because crystal amplifies the luminance of the original light source.

Today’s homeowner can choose from several types of chandeliers to add elegance to your home. There are several types to choose from but the most popular choice is still the crystal chandelier because of its snobbish appeal. Most common materials used for making chandeliers are metal such as brass, wrought iron, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, glass, pewter and crystal.

Installing a chandelier in your home doesn’t have to break your budget. You can buy ready-to-install chandeliers or have it custom-made to reflect an identity all your own. If you are planning to install a chandelier, make sure to spend the time in shopping around. There are many choices available and you can do most of your shopping at home online. Most reputable home improvement stores, specialty stores and light fixture manufacturers have an online presence making shopping a lot more convenient.

Ready-to-install chandeliers can be installed in less than one day but custom-made versions may take several weeks before you can see them hanging majestically from your ceiling and holding court in your living room.

You can find luxury or cheap chandelier stores and vendors in the Internet. Take the time in searching for the perfect chandelier to complement your home. Do not simply buy a chandelier because it looks beautiful make sure that it fits in your home in all the important aspects – design, size, material and luminance. You don’t want to have a beacon right in the middle of your living room!

Shopping around for the perfect chandelier means you don’t have to overspend; it is worth your while to have as many options as possible. For all you know, your perfect chandelier might even be available at an antique dealer or at a garage sale. The underlying rule for making your choice is understated elegance instead of an ornate and out of place lighting fixture. Because that is what it will become if it sticks out as like a sore thumb instead of as a chandelier!

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