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Great Tips to Christmas Light Decorating For Special Effects in the House

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Christmas Light Picture

Planning and deciding theme for Christmas light decorating can take up an entire holiday… Christmas would not be dazzling and bright without Christmas decoration lights.

Christmas lights are available in different shapes and sizes and can be placed in different locations with different patterns. People living in apartments can decorate their windows with the Christmas lights and those having their balconies can drape lights all over their balcony door and railings.

Xmas decoration is incomplete without Christmas decorating lights. Lighting has more or less taken over Christmas candles as they burn for longer periods of time and are safer for decoration when compared with candles. With the passage of time the style of lighted Christmas decoration has evolved to the level where it has become an art itself. One can put their imagination in use for Christmas decoration and light placements in and around their house.

One can be very creative in the use of Christmas light for the decoration of their house.
A Christmas tree can be made with the use of different colored lights and can be placed at the entrance of the house for welcoming the guests. Even a wreath can be made out of Christmas lights and can be placed on the door.

Christmas Ornament PictureA combination of different types of lights is sure to set your home in fullest Christmas glory. One can use big lights, small lights, twinkle lights, web lights, chasers and even small white lights can look beautiful beyond comparison. Different colors of lights must be used instead of sticking to one or two colors.

An appropriate color combination which goes with Christmas festivity mood is a combination of red, green and copper lights denoting festivity, blue and green ones for a subdued arrangement.

When lights are used on a Christmas tree, one can use a combo of five colors on a coniferous tree while it is appropriate not to use more than three colors on a deciduous tree. While decorating other surrounding trees with lights one should work on the tree from top to bottom and from inside to outside for the purpose of ease of use and safety.

It is recommended to use low watt bulbs for indoor light decoration and for string purposes, and high watt bulbs for outdoor decorations which will be viewed from a distance. Dipping the socket end of the bulb in petroleum jelly before fitting it onto the socket string will prevent corrosion in the socket. Christmas light Decorating with a little creativity can make your home miles ahead from others in the festivity mood.

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