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Traditional And Comtemporary Christmas Ornaments

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments - photo by Junko NatsumiChristmas ornaments became popular the mid-19th century when decorating Christmas trees became an accepted part of Christmas celebration. Then, original decorative Christmas ornaments were limited to colored ribbons made of paper, cloth or strings. These simple ornaments evolved from the simple to the present day ornate art pieces made of plastic, paper, metal and pewter.

Decorating Christmas trees have become a family affair that both children and adults look forward to with eagerness and anticipation. Presently, there are five general styles of Christmas ornaments that you can use for decorating your family tree. You can mix and match these various ornaments in order to come up with a distinctive and ingenious Christmas tree that uniquely reflects your family.

Five of the most popular styles of ornaments that you can choose from for your Christmas tree are:

1. Illuminated Figurines – Figurines that reflect the Christmas spirit and which light up are exceptionally popular. The choices of figurines are almost unlimited from sleighs, reindeers, mangers, the Star of Bethlehem, Santa Claus, the Three Kings, camels and trumpets. They are made from heat resistant plastic, resin, glass, ceramics or pewter. They are elegant and reusable although their prices range from a low $5 per piece to as much as $50 each!

2. Mobile – Mobile Christmas ornaments range from the simple to the elaborate. They add an element of movement to your Christmas tree, either from the wind, electricity or batteries. Intricate mobile Christmas decorative systems not only decorate the Christmas tree itself but even the whole corner where the tree stands. You can choose a mobile that depicts Santa and the reindeers traveling up and down or around the Christmas tree from top to bottom and back. Or if the budget allows it, you can have a mobile that reenacts the journey of the Three Kings. Mobile Christmas decorations are quite expensive but like illuminated figures, you can use them for years to come.

3. Musical – Musical ornaments are the latest form of Christmas decors on the market. These Christmas ornaments are commonly made of high impact and heat resistant plastic for safety. They play Christmas songs and carols for everyone to enjoy and are equipped with on/off and low/high control buttons that turn off or regulate the sound. They usually cost anywhere from $10 to $20 depending on the number of prerecorded Christmas carols built-in.

4. Homemade – If you want to save money and at the same time have the whole family participate not only in decorating but in making your own Christmas decoration, then homemade Christmas tree ornaments are a good choice. It gives your Christmas tree a personal touch but if you or nay member of your family has an artistic flair then you can maybe create homemade Christmas ornaments not only for the family but for the neighbors as well. Materials, design and motif are limited only by the imagination and they are very affordable.

5. Blinking Lights – Christmas tree lights are the all-time favorite to decorate your tree with. They mimic the twinkling of the stars and add beauty especially in the dark, when all you can see is the outline of the Christmas tree illuminated by the twinkling lights. These lights are generally 10 pieces to a pack of the same color but now there are 100-bulb packs of various colors available that twinkle on and off to the sound of Christmas carols. If you buy several packs, you can decorate the whole Christmas tree no matter how big it is and even a complete outside wall! Christmas lights are also cost less than other traditional forms of Christmas tree ornament except the homemade ornaments.

There is no limitation to what you can use as Christmas ornaments whether ready-made or do-it-yourself. You have complete freedom to make your Christmas ornament as unique and innovative as you want them to be.

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