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Learn Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds for a Beautiful and Clean Interior for a Long Time

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Cleaning faux wood blinds is not such a difficult task but with a bit of knowledge it can be made easier for you. The cleaning method depends on the type of the blind installed. Generally speaking blinds are easier to clean and so are favored over other kind of coverings.

Faux wood window blinds give the look of a wood blind but demand less maintenance. They are made of polyvinyl material and therefore are easy to clean, more durable and resist warp.

They are suitable for areas with high humidity or extreme temperatures. Faux wood window blinds require less effort than cleaning real wood blinds. They can be cleaned while they are hanging in place or they can be removed and then cleaned. They should be periodically cleaned with a soft cloth or a dusting mitt.

Faux window wood blind slats are aligned either horizontally or vertically. In a faux wood vertical blind, 2” to 3.5” faux wood slats hang side by side vertically, from a head rail mechanism. They can be drawn either to the left or towards right, to adjust light, air and privacy. Faux wood vertical blinds are a favorite for covering sliding doors and large windows of almost any type.

Faux wood mini blinds are non-vertical blinds located inside the window. String holds together long and narrower than regular slats. The slat width is ideally 1”. Properties of window blind like appearance, privacy, light control, glare and sun control, insulating value, durability and ease of operation should be considered when choosing the blind. Mini blind is the most favored of the lot. This is so, because it meets almost all of the above-mentioned considerations.

Everything present inside the house constitutes the interior, even the kitchen. This is why everything from the dishwashers to the ovens should be scrubbed clean. The refrigerators should be defrosted once in a while for sanitary purposes.

Faux wood blinds can be cleaned by either wiping them with dry rag or by using the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. They may also be cleaned, like aluminum blinds, using a damp sponge or cloth and mild detergent solution made from warm water. This is especially of use for shades of white.

Chemical solvents and abrasive cleaners should be avoided to prevent damage to the slat surface. Once rinsed, only after they have been completely dried in open air, they should be placed back in the window.

At times, tilting the slats at 45-degree angle, either ways also helps in removing dust. It’s also important to avoid usage of hot water on weekly basis while cleaning faux wood blinds; only then it is possible to maintain the natural look of wood that these blinds offer.

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