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Great Cleaning Tips for Marble Floors to Make Them Shine!!!

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Marble Flooring Cleaning Tool Sets

These days there are various magazines that provide you with cleaning tips for marble floors. Lots of marble floor cleaning agents are also available in the markets that promise to make the job of maintaining the floor much easier.

However, before you really experiment with any of these do seek an expert advice, or make sure that your source is extremely reliable. On wrong step can cost you very dearly. A few cleaning tips for marble floors go a long way in making your marble floor shine.

For weekly cleaning of marble floors, the best thing to do is to wipe the floor surface, using a rag that is somewhat damp. Then, with a chamois, buff the marble dry. Drying the marble floor is very important, and should be done immediately, as soon as it has been wetted. This is because marble is very sensitive to water, and can spot quite easily if water if left on it for a long time. Also remember that while washing marble floors, you use warm water. This is important, since warm water does not harm marble surfaces much, as compared to cold water.

In case there are tough stains that have occurred on the floor, and you are being unable to clean the stains on marble floor away, then use a non-abrasive, neutral cleaner, clear ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or acetone, using a cloth, before you buff the floor dry. Now you may polish the marble floor surface using a good marble floor polish (it advisable that you select one of those floor polishes that contain tin oxide).

On of the most important cleaning tips for a marble floor is that you should use stone sealers on your floor in order to protect them. Clean them with the help of one of those standard, nonabrasive, marble floor cleaners. It is important to bear in mind that mild acids, such as vinegar should never be used to clean marble floors. Marble is extremely sensitive to these agents and damages easily under their impact.

However, even as you use these cleaning tips for marble floors remember that sometimes your might need to vary your approach depending on the stain. Some stains such as an ink satin, for instance can be particularly difficult to deal with. Much also depends on the period of time that has elapsed since the satin was caused on the floor. The longer the satin has been on the floor, the more severe the damage may be. It is therefore advisable to clean up the mess form the floor as soon as it has been caused.

So do use these cleaning tips for marble floors and get rid of those irritating stains that have been ruining the beautiful marble floors. Nevertheless, it is always advisable that you seek professional help once in a while to maintain your floor well, especially if the stains are difficult to get rid of. Scratches and cracks on the floor should be strictly dealt with professional help so as to ensure that your floor continues to look well maintained. After all, who can deny the royal feel of spotless white marble floors that can brighten up your entire house!

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