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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs- The New Way To Go To Look Smart And Save Energy!

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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are a member of the family of fluorescent bulbs. They are meant to replace the incandescent bulbs on account of being more energy-saving and preventing the emission of greenhouse gases. The areas of homes or work-places where light bulbs are used for the maximum running time are most effective for the installation of compact fluorescent bulbs.

They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit almost any outdoor or indoor fixtures. They are energy saving light bulbs because they consume less energy than the incandescent bulbs but give the same amount of light. Though their consumption of energy is higher during the manufacturing process, it is clearly offset by their longer life span requiring less replacements. They also generate less heat than incandescent bulbs, thus becoming safer to use and significantly bringing down energy costs.

Compact fluorescent lamps can fit into the existing fixtures of incandescent bulbs. Even though the cost of these lamps is much higher than those of the incandescent ones, the expense is recovered because the compact fluorescent lamps last longer. Making sure that the compact fluorescent bulb matches the correct fixture will ensure that the bulb lasts long and the performance is good.

Fittings which allow proper airflow such as wall fixtures, floor and table lamps and outdoors fittings let these bulbs perform to their maximum capability. Reflector compact fluorescent bulbs will distribute light evenly on your work area, if the fixture is recessed. The spiral bulb will not work well in a recessed fixture. If you are planning to connect these bulbs to dimmers, make sure you get that particular type of compact fluorescent bulb. The higher the lumen rating of compact fluorescent bulbs, the better the light generated. So, checking for the lumen rate can determine your choice of the correct compact fluorescent bulb.

Compared to incandescent bulbs which light up instantly upon being switched on, compact fluorescent lamps are slower in reaching the full brightness. This may get aggravated in very cold temperatures. These lamps give warm or cool lights as per your choice of the bulb.

Compact fluorescent bulbs which get broken are still a bit of a concern since they let out mercury vapors which are not good for both humans and environment. They should thus be handled with extra care and bulbs should be disposed of responsibly or re-cycled. Sometimes, electronics interference with other devices may occur because compact fluorescent light bulbs produce electrical frequencies which are much higher than in normal bulbs and this may interfere with the working of other electronic products.

Depleted energy reserves and excessive generation of heat has contributed to increasing global warming, and compact fluorescent light bulbs though expensive at the outset, prove to be economical as well as environment friendly in the long run.


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  1. light bulbs these days are getting replaced by compact fluorescents and LED based ones, original incandescent bulbs are power h “

  2. light bulbs are good for lighting the home but stay away from incandescent lamps because they generate so much heat ‘::

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