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How to Design and Build the Decorative Concrete Stamped Driveway

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Stamped Brown Colored Concrete DrivewayConcrete stamped driveway offers various options for a durable and low maintenance driveway that boosts the aesthetic appeal of any home. Decorative concrete driveway is the most affordable way to spruce up the entrance of any home. Today, driveways are no longer merely asphalt or concrete. It offers a wide range of decorative options referred to as concrete stamped driveway or painted decorative concrete. The concrete industry nowadays provides its vast clientele many methods and products that rejuvenate or resurfaces the existing drab gray concrete driveways.

Stamped colored concrete offers various advantages that other paving materials are unable to match. The numerous design options and product versatility exceeds other driveway materials like asphalt or natural stone. Colored stamped concrete are available in an unlimited array of colors and patterns.

This feature is neither found in asphalt or natural stone driveways. The precast pavers also has color options but unlike the choices offered by stamped concrete. This decorative driveway comes in countless color combinations and hundreds of patterns with elegant designs.

The techniques of installing the stamped colored concrete have come a long way over the past years. Nowadays the stamps are made of polyurethane or rubber and molded from real materials thereby displaying authentic textural effects. They range from the semi-rigid mats that have limited flexibility to conform to the contours in the concrete to the ultra pliable texturing with feathered edges for producing an effective seamless texture.

The primary reason for the growing popularity of this decorative concrete is the availability of wide range of concrete stamped pattern.

The appeal of this material lies in the unlimited array of patterns to choose from. Usually the contractors carry hundreds of standard patterns which offer the common brick slate or stone design in various dimensions. For creating a themed look, it is entirely different from the conventional driveways the concrete stamped pattern is also available in various categories depicting plant, sea and marine life in specialty concrete stamps.

The stamped colored concrete is available in a broad range of integral and surface applied coloring options that allows the contractors to give a realistic touch to the stamped pattern. This permits them to precisely replicate the beauty of the materials they are imitating. Colored stamped concrete are often selected to blend with the architectural elements of home or their natural surroundings.

Acrylic based concrete stamps are available in vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and blue which creates a most spectacular effect on the driveway. Concrete stamped driveway is long lasting when installed properly and provides decades of service irrespective of harsh weather conditions.

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