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Counter Top Water Purifiers – A Cheaper Alternative to Bottled Water

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Counter Top Water Purifier System

Counter top water purifiers and filters are now a necessity and should not be taken for granted. Clean, pure water is essential for good health and we should give it the necessary due diligence when providing drinking water for our family. Although regular tap water meets Environmental Protection Agency standards, it is important to realize that these standards are the minimum acceptable requirements but does not automatically mean that the water is free from contaminants, sediments and chemicals that are undetectable to the naked eye.

Water purifiers and filters are a must-have addition to any family’s home appliance to ensure health and good living because of the millions of contaminants present in today’s water brought about by diverse environment factors. Although the EPA monitors each and every city’s water supply, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

One of the uncomplicated, inexpensive and easy-to-install types of water purifier or filter is the countertop model. There are currently several models to choose from with varying capacities, each with their own water filtering and purifying capabilities and methods.

In choosing a countertop water purifier for your home, the number one factor you should consider is safety. Because it simply sits on your kitchen’s countertop, make sure that it is stable, easy to reach and can not be easily overturned by children.

The next point of importance in making your choice is the capacity of the water purifier. How many gallons can the unit purify? How long does it take to purify one gallon of water? These are important factors to consider especially if you happen to have a big family and small children.

A variation of the countertop water purifier is the fixed model which attaches to the bottom of the water pipe underneath the sink. This makes it safer and more convenient since all the water purification kit is in one safe place and relatively not prone to accident.

Countertop water purifiers however are very convenient; their portability makes it easy to replace the filter unit and there are models that you can even take with you to the office or on camping trips. This portability ensure that wherever you may go, you will always be assured of a constant supply of clean, filtered and purified water.

To drive home the point, the first time you replace your counter top water purifier’s filter – check the inside of the filter unit and take a look at the difference in color. Due to their capability to filter particles as minute as .05 microns, the color of the filter will be either dark gray or black.

The basic necessity of drinking clean and healthy water is the number one reason why a countertop water purifier is a necessity for the home and office.

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