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Improve Your Kitchen Looks with Different Countertop Options

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Making the right choice amongst the various countertop options goes a long way in deciding the looks and functionality of your kitchen. A perfect countertop is essential for a good looking and properly functional kitchen.

There are numerous options available for your kitchen countertop. While making the selection for your countertop you should keep in mind that it must complement with the kitchen cabinets and floor and should be able to withstand the daily rough use of the kitchen and spills.

Amongst the various kitchen countertop options available, the widely acknowledged materials for your kitchen countertop are granite, marble, ceramic tiles, laminate, stainless steel, concrete and solid surfaces like Earthstone, Corian, Avonite etc.

Selection of luxury kitchen countertop design options lies on the material durability, sizes, pricing, colors and esthetic look as wellIt is important to note that the kitchen countertop should have heat resistant surfaces as there will be lot of hot utensils and other items that will be placed on the counter regularly and the counter is also prone to receiving heat from the cooking range. So, for this reason the laminate countertop is no more preferred as a kitchen countertop as it is easily prone to be damaged and is not totally resistant from heat.

The natural stone countertops such as those made from marble and granite not only give an excellent look to your kitchen but when the countertop durability is considered they tend to remain on the top of the list. The manufactured stone countertop is also preferred for its beautiful looks that can complement most easily with the floor and other kitchen accessories. These are also available in different colors so that you can choose it according to the accent of your other kitchen furniture and the color of the walls.

The selection of countertop will also depend a lot upon your budget and the countertops pricing. If we consider the countertops price per square foot, we will find that the ceramic tiles option is by far the cheapest option available. Another advantage is that you can yourself fix your own ceramic tiles countertop. Solid surface countertops are although not very low priced but they have a great advantage in the fact that they can be easily cleaned and made smooth with the help of a sand paper.

Apart from the various factors which are important for consideration of a countertop the other factor which can impact your decision is the ownership of your house. If it is a tenanted house, you may not want to spend much on it and if the house is owned by you than probably you will not hesitate to select amongst the most expensive countertop options available in the market.


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