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How to Buy Custom Outdoor Furniture at Less Cost

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Custom Made Outdoor Furniture at Garden Patio Terrace
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Summertime is that time of the year when the outdoor area of a home needs to get ready for those barbecue weekends, children’s weekend parties or simply relaxing outside under the sun on a lazy afternoon. Get your patio ready for summer with elegant custom outdoor furniture for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Buying custom outdoor furniture is not as simple as going into a home improvement store and choosing deck patio furniture that looks pleasing to your eyes. You have to take into consideration the cost, the outdoor area of your home in terms of square footage and your location in relation to weather conditions.

Factor # 1 – How much do you want to spend for custom outdoor furniture? This is the most important consideration because your budget will dictate the type of furniture you will buy whether it would be plastic, aluminum, wrought iron or teak wood furniture for your patio. Buy discount stores or manufacturers during their pre-season or off season sales – prices are unbelievable during these manufacturer’s sales. Outdoor furniture prices are discounted heavily because new models are being introduced. You can easily customize your deck patio furniture using cushions and covers, color combinations and by mixing and matching wood with wicker, wicker with aluminum, iron with aluminum or iron with steel.

Factor # 2 – What is the size of your deck area or patio that you want to furnish? If you want a full set that includes sitting arrangement for the lanai, pool area and lounging area then it would be cheaper to buy in bulk from discount patio furniture stores. Also, if you entertain outdoors regularly it is better to get custom outdoor furniture that match one another in terms of color, style or design. They don’t necessarily have to be a complete set but simply having a unifying theme for variety.

Factor # 3 – Your location is very important as well as it dictates what type of furniture would survive in your locality’s weather conditions. Choose deck patio furniture that will not be adversely affected by the type of weather you have in order not to incur unnecessary expense and frustration when replacing them due to weather effects on the finish or structure. Always check for the manufacturer’s warning sticker as to suitability to weather conditions.

Your custom outdoor furniture does not necessarily mean you have to have them made according to your designs and specifications. You can buy deck patio furniture whatever your budget, size, or location from any discount patio furniture store online or visit any home improvement centers where you can choose from a variety of designs and colors.

You can choose teak wood patio furniture or those made of wrought iron, bamboo, wicker or other types of wood or metal either of the same color or style for a custom effect. Optionally, you can use matching cushions and covers for a custom outdoor furniture effect that your family and friends would definitely enjoy this summer.


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  1. I really liked advice #3 – we often forget to take our local weather conditions into consideration when buying a patio furniture. Even if it doesn’t rain in the area much, humidity can quickly destroy certain types of furniture.

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