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Find Decorative Window Film Varieties To Suit Your Needs

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The popular decorative window film is winning kudos with each passing day. It serves myriad purposes – combines the need for privacy while satisfying aesthetic sensibilities, saves on energy costs and gives protection from harmful UV rays.

The added bonus is that it prevents graffiti and does not allow the glass to break into shards when vandals or Nature strike. Also it prevents fading of interior furnishing. Static decorative films are ideal for large windows as well as glass doors. Decorative window films are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

There are two main kinds of decorative window films – polyester films that are adhesive based and static-vinyl films that are non-adhesive. The idea of decorative took on from the sixties when sticking of contact paper to windows became a rage.

Adhesive decorative window films are cheaper than the non-adhesive variety. But on the negative side the scales tip in favour of the latter as regards look, installation hassles and removal troubles.

The non-adhesive static films comprise of 8 mil thick PVC films that have the characteristic of sticking to glass similar to the way a magnet gets glued to iron. The adhesive based films are not much different from contact papers except the glue is much more strong. This makes it difficult to yank off.

The material is also thinner than its counterpart – it being 2 ml polyester film. Both types of film can be easily trimmed to size and fits easily on wet glass.

For both types the application rules are the same. The glass has been to be cleaned and then made wet. The film has to be removed from the backing-paper and positioned on the glass before the water is squeezed out.

Static films can easily be straightened after application but that is not so the case with the adhesive variety as it presents a sticky problem. Adhesive films are also vulnerable to draughts, gusty winds and careless handling. These might easily get stuck together and be ruined. Static films being heavier do not pose such problems.

When the film is positioned on the glass the moisture allows it to slide into the correct position. A device called the squeegee will squeeze out the excess water and bubbles of air. Thus static films are easy to install and can be reused. All that one has to do is to peel it off, and place on backing-paper. When installing again then wet the glass as before and apply. But for adhesive films another kit for film removal has to be bought.

Once properly applied both types of decorative window film will give years of pleasing service. There are many types of window films some of which look like frosted glass. Thus select the decorative window film which suits your taste and enjoy the beauty with the utility!

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