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DIY Sofa Covers – Ideas For Beginners

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If you are the creative sort, and are planning for some DIY sofa covers then here are some tips that could come in handy! Read ahead to know how you can make the most amazing sofa covers in no time and with no effort at all!

To start with, select your DIY sofa slipcover fabric. The trick is to select something that not only looks good, but is also easy to maintain. If you are not very comfortable with stitching, it is important that the fabric you opt for is easy to handle while stitching. For example fabrics like cotton and denims are much easier to stitch than fabrics like silk- that is delicate and keeps slipping off.

DIY Sofa CoverAlso, while selecting your sofa cover fabric ask yourself if you would like your sofa to be in one single color or do you wish to use different colors for the hand rests, etc, to give a more playful effect. For the size of the cloth, you need to find out the surface area of the sofa. Make sure that the size of the cloth is a little larger than the area so calculated, since you would need some extra space for folding and stitching the sides of the cover, and provide for the obvious wastage.

After selecting the cloth for your sofa cover, carefully measure your sofa from every inch and corner. The best way to take sofa measurements is by taking separate measurements of the handsets, headrest, the cushions, the seat, etc.

For beginners , a very good idea is to first make a dummy cover for the sofa, using any rough cloth, to make sure that you have got your measurements right. Alternatively, you can even cut out cardboard pieces in the shape and the size of the various parts of the sofa, and use them as stencils.

If you have any old covers to the sofa, an excellent idea would be to use these old covers as stencils while cutting out the cloth pieces. This will help you get not only the most accurate size and shape, but will also make the job less riskier and much more easy since you wont have to take any measurements using the measuring tape at all!

Now cut out the fabric properly, leaving a margin on the sides for some extra space that would be taken up for folds and stitches. Stitch the cloth carefully, interlocking the fabrics well. A double or tripe layer of stitch is highly recommended to make sure that even if one stitch opens up later, at least the other layer would be still there to hold the cloth together. This makes your DIY sofa covers stronger and last longer.

Alternatively, if you don’t know how to sew sofa slipcover, you can also get a professional for sewing sofa slipcovers pieces for you. This should not cost you too much if you give them proper fabric cut outs and provide them with clear instructions and markings on what to stitch and where.

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