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Paintings and Sculptures of Egyptian Wall Art are a Masterpiece of Ancient Civilization

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Egyptian art and craft puts them apart from the rest and mainly Egyptian wall art has been recognized worldwide as the most traditional décor for your walls. It is true that some of the greatest wok of art in ancient civilization has originated from the Egyptian civilization.

The Cairo museum in Egypt is said to have the finest pieces of art of ancient Egyptian civilization. The examples of Egyptian wall art can be seen on the temples and pharaoh tombs which are still standing today. They represent an extraordinary vivid picture of their life. The art laid emphasis on completeness and serving the purpose rather than just the beauty of it.

Egyptian wall art represented actual Egyptian life and nature and were made in conformity to a certain set of rules.

As the Egyptian civilization was highly religious in nature much of its art depicted gods, goddesses and the divine pharaohs. Apart from this a strict artistic order was maintained in all Egyptian art be it Egyptian wall paintings or any other sculpture art.

The paintings art followed a set of rules for use of colors in the Egyptian wall paintings and the colors were most expressive in nature. For a painting of a youth they used red color skin as it symbolized a highly tanned youth whereas for the skin of a women who did not worked in sun and stayed indoors, yellow skin color was used.

The head of the human body is drawn with a side angle and on it a full face front view of the eye is planted. Likewise the middle portion of the body is best visualized from the front so the front portion of the shoulders and chest is drawn while the legs are drawn sideways. This however makes the Egyptian paintings a bit strange an odd looking, but that has grown up as their unique style.

So, we can see that all types of Egyptian art, be it paintings or any other sculptures strictly follow a set of rules or law. The statues and other architectural forms also obeyed this set law. Apart from the paintings Egyptian wall console and other wall torques are also very common items of wall art.

A connoisseur of Egyptian art looking to adore their house with Egyptian art can get a huge collection on the internet and a little research on the internet can get them most attractive deals for the same. Decorating your house with this incredible Egyptian wall art can really transform your house.

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