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To Opt For Fake Wood Flooring Is Far More Practical and Economical For Beautiful Décor

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Fake wood flooring is gaining points above that of original hardwood flooring. One does not have to go far to find out the truth of it – chat with new friends online, call up old acquaintances and make enquiries nosing around like bloodhounds and in the end all roads will lead to the same statement – fake wood floors are better than what they fake.

Laminated wood floors have been purposefully exposed to all sorts of trials and travails. Countless have walked on it, pebbles have been showered, crockery hurled, hot drinks thrown, juicy acidic stuff splattered and finally it has been left exposed to sun and rain for quite sometime before the test certificate has been given.

The manufacturers themselves could hardly believe the result – fake wood PVC vinyl floor tiles lasted twice as long as their pedigreed real wood cousins in the world of flooring. No wonder these are the most popular alternatives to the real wood.

To laminate wood floors one does not need expensive expertise. Anybody enterprising enough can have a go at it. The manufacturer of course is always ready to help with hardly any extra cost. It is all included in the expenses. The process is simple – just click and lay. It does not require the cumbersome process of nailing each strip of solid wood side by side with nails.

Fake wood flooring tiles are actors par excellence. They can mime any type of aristocratic wood from oak to maple and even look solid and white as marble. If the buyer still has doubts the best place is to try it is a small area – say the kitchen. An experiment with wood floor fake laminate in the kitchen will be a sampler to find out the veracity of the praises.

Everything however has a downside. In laminated wooden floorings designs are repeated. It cannot be sanded and refinished like its solid counterpart. Replacing one section is difficult since nothing has been nailed to the sub-floor. But a matted finish can make up these minor disadvantages.

It is best to study the price range and not be penny wise and pound-foolish. The relatively costly variety will pay in the long run as regards looks and durability. There are many styles to choose from and since they come in large sheets are easy to instal.

We walk over it and never notice how important the floor is to the décor of the house that is the home. A proper floor adds to the equity of the house apart from giving it a warm cleand look. The vote is unanimous – it has to be fake wood flooring for the greatest reason of all – it is cheap as well as lasting.

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