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Feng Shui Bedroom Colors To Bring You Peace And Prosperity

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Paint Color ChartFeng shui bedroom colors include a vast range of bright as well as sober color shades that can be used in bedrooms and all other different parts of your house to bring peace and prosperity. To help you get an idea about the meaning of different feng shui colors, so that you can pick out something that suits you and your family the best, here are some descriptions that could come in handy. Read ahead…

Usually, colors like violet, pink and similar shades of red are associated with love. These colors are highly recommended for bedrooms, especially in bedrooms for couples. However, these colors can be used extensively in other parts of the house too, since they always look wonderful and bring in lots of energy to the environment. Lavender and raspberry shades make great alternatives, if you are looking for something interesting and different.

For a calming effect and peaceful environment, consider light shades such as white, off white, etc. According to the feng shui color guide, these colors are most peaceful colors you can have in your bedroom, and are known for their purifying effect on your mind. They promote harmony and allow sleep and relaxation.

Other highly recommended feng shui room colors are peach, tan, honey, rust, coral, bronze, chocolate, etc. These are earthy colors that provide a positive and satisfying nurturing energy in your bedroom. Use them in light delicate shades on your walls for the best impact.

Colors to be avoided are black and excessively bright and angry color hues. For people considering red, bright burgundy, and other similar shades for their bedrooms, it is important to mention that these colors are not always quite preferable either. Although they may look wonderful- and could feel practically indispensable for those having a theme decoration that revolves around these color shades, these colors have always been known to attract a lot of negative forces and break harmony inside a bedroom. If you are still wish to go ahead with these color shades, find out if you can neutralize the effect of these colors on your wall, by using other color tones on other walls/furniture/curtains, etc. Colors like blue and green are also usually not suggested for bedrooms, and are better known as bathroom colors for their cleansing energy.

Apart from using the above concepts of use of colors in feng shui, you may also like to find out about color psychology. Color psychology is basically a science that studies the effects of colors on your mood and temperament, and how they affect your psychology in the long run. Though surprisingly, the feng shui bedroom colors concept is closely related to this science, it is always advisable that you double check your options and judge your opinion on all possible parameters to ensure that your bedroom gets nothing but the best!

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