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Learn Correct Feng Shui Garden Landscape Design for Maximum Chi Power around You

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Feng shui (“wind and water”) is a well known ancient Chinese art of placement. According to this art, the way in which energy flows through a garden or a home has a negative or positive effect on the owner of the place.

Nowadays, according the modern feng shui, marital bliss, business success and even fame can be a part of one’s life if the furniture is placed properly in the house and there is a balanced Feng Shui Garden landscape design.

Deborah Gee, an expert in the art of using feng shui has made a video to aid people tie together and use chi, the “life force” properly. The concept of chi is central to the principles of Feng Shui. To correctly handle and apply chi in a garden requires handling of three basic elements:-

  • Water – it is represented by ponds, streams or fountain in feng shui, (feng shui fountains) or also a river of stones; and symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
  • Mountains – it can be symbolically signified by planting beds that are raised, shrubbery and tall trees and symbolizes energy.
  • Greenery – this can be represented by the green grass and anything which is green around.

One of the key factors that need to be considered with feng shui is balance. The three basic elements of water, mountains and greenery should be placed close to each other. Sharp items should be placed near pathways.

They direct sharp chi at people who pass by and disrupts the internal flow of energy, in turn causing a lot of stress and tension. Circular or meandering pathways in the garden are much better; straight ones and the latter create a wave of fast moving chi that may be the cause of feeling uncomfortable.

Making the garden flat is a common mistake that most of the garden designers make. A flat garden does not encourage chi flow in the garden. Haven different levels and layers make chi flow smoothly in the garden. Also, having curves in the garden helps in improving the chi flow.

Another important aspect of feng shui gardening is the various areas of the garden and their importance. The different parts of the garden can be related to the specific parts on one’s life. For example, the far left corner of a garden signifies wealth. The center of a garden signifies reputation and fame, and the far right corner represents marriage and love related parts of one’s life. Chi is attracted to bright colors, so planting red, blue or purple flowers in the feng shui garden landscape design can improve chi flow.


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  1. we always redo our landscape every 2 or 3 months to adapt to the changing weather.-“`

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