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For Fewer Hassles During Floor -Installation, Opt for Floating Wood Floors

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Floating wood floors are faster to install and remove many of the troubles associated with conventional flooring. Wooden floors whether timber floating floors or traditional floors always look elegant and add that inimitable touch to any home. It exudes warmth, style and classiness and is the first choice of many a discerning house proud individual.

Floating wooden floors are less labor intensive and have a much swifter turn around period from the beginning to the end of your flooring project. This is so because floating floors require less floor preparations and there is no need to install masonite or batons and these floors are also less hazardous especially while connecting to other floor coverings. These floors are less prone to warping due to environmental changes as some kind of padding is placed between the subfloor which gives it space to expand and contract.

It is easy to lay floating timber floor because most of them come in a tongue and groove style which essentially means just snapping the boards together. A little bit of adhesive in the grooves is a good idea to ensure that the floor stays in place. The main advantage of this type of flooring is that it can be installed upon any old flooring or carpet without having to rip out the entire flooring.

Floating timber floors woodwork comes in a huge variety of colors and shades which make it easier for them to fit into nay design scheme. Its natural look complements every style of interior designing and blends well with any color scheme. Its natural shades include sand color, pale euro or darker shades of brown.

Since timber is a natural product, the colors and textures are not evenly spread throughout the surface. This gives a unique appearance to the flooring making it very distinctive from other types of flooring materials.

Once the flooring is complete, its mixture of light and dark shades which blend into each other so beautifully and impart a great look to the floor can be fully appreciated. Timber floating floors are ideal for both summer and winter as it remains cool during the summer and provides good insulation during the colder months.

Timber flooring is very easy to clean and maintain also as all it requires is some mopping or vacuuming if spills occur or there are dust particles. Since very little dust can accumulate on these floors, they are suitable for people with dust allergies. Although timber flooring is easy to keep clean, unlike vinyl flooring, it does not reflect and is not harsh on the eyes. Floating wood floors look elegant in every corner of the house be it the bedroom or the living or dining area.


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  1. Alan says:

    I came to know so much about the floating wood floors, from your post. It was a nice information, as I was looking for the floors that are less prone to warping due to environmental changes.


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