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Front Doors for Homes Should be the Right Blend of Aesthetics and Security

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Front doors for homes are very important as they give the first impression of what the interior of a house may look like. They are also extremely important in terms of safety and security. For these reasons, a careful decision needs to be made while purchasing front doors for homes. Since they exude such influence on the first impression created, front entry doors should look as attractive as possible without compromising on security.

They should look appealing and to achieve this, different types of materials and designs are available readily in the market. One can buy ready-made exterior front doors or get them custom-made depending upon the budget allocated to them. The main thing to consider is that front entry doors are also the crux of your security so a combination of both aesthetics and safety features is highly desirable.

Although glass or fiberglass is popular material for front doors for homes, hardwood looks extremely nice especially if you prefer the natural look. The natural grains of hardwood like cherry wood, oak or mahogany look extremely elegant and this beauty is hard to replicate in other materials.

The wood can also be stained in the desired color and this gives you a choice in different front door colors for your home. You can even opt for a combination of hardwood and glass front entry doors; for an ornate look, hardwood doors can have panels of stained glass inserted in them.

For enhanced security, one can also reinforce hardwood front doors with steel folding doors. This takes care of the safety angle without taking away from the aesthetics.

Modern exterior front doors range from the vintage look doors to really trendy-looking doors with all the accompanying modern door accoutrements. Glass front doors for homes are very popular as are fiberglass ones. The modern front entry doors come with digital keypads, fancy door locks, emblems and so many other types of exterior hardware that it often appears that the doors are simply an excuse to install new fancy electronic devices.

The most common front entry door seems to be the single leaf door which consists of a single rigid panel covering the entry way. The variation on this is the double leaf door which consists of two adjacent independent panels hinged on either side of the doorway. Glass front entry doors also look good and you can opt for either a full-view or half-view model and decorate it with side lights.

The selection of front doors for homes has to be judicious and they should be the perfect balance of security and beauty as nothing creates a more favorable, lasting impression of your home than well-made and attractive exterior front doors.

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