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Why Choose Front Load Washing Machines For Your Home Or Launderette

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Front load washing machines always take precedence over top load machines in terms of popularity. Gone are the days of laborious rubbing and scrubbing of clothes. With the advent of mechanized laundry facilities, the concept of laundry room has undergone sea change in terms of atmosphere, equipment and the amount of time spent.

Now let us see the installation requirement of the two types of machines. Firstly, they require stable electrical connection. Most Front Loading Washing Machines offer a choice of hot wash, thus requiring a preinstalled heater in the machine. So a 15 Amp electric service outlet with proper earthing is required.

Next a plumbing line for continuous supply of water and drainage of soiled water has to be installed on a permanent basis. All automatic machines undergo different operation cycles like soaking, pre-wash, main-wash, hot wash, steam wash, additive soaking, rinsing and spin drying etc. so good plumbing is a pre requisite.

The machine automatically stops after each cycle, drains or takes in water and this way continues through all the cycles and stops on its own. The front-loading Door remains electrically closed during operation and cannot be intervened or opened while in operation unless the machine is switched off for 1.5 minutes.

Top load machines are equipped with an agitator or a pulsator. These cause the water inside the drum to move thereby enabling the clothes to get scrubbed against the walls of the machine drum. Front loading machines on the other hand resort to tumble action in which clothes are thumped clockwise and anticlockwise. The soiled clothes are raised and dropped periodically in hot soapy water. This essentially enhances the quality of wash.

Programmes of wash care, available in front load machines, are much more in number. You have a much bigger choice for washing silk, synthetic, cotton, and wool. Heaters ensure hygienic wash. The rinsing quality and drying efficiency in front loaders are very high and the clothes come out totally free of detergent. Some models can dry the clothes 100%. But such machines are expensive consumes more time and electricity.

Front loading machines are much heavier. Both the types however can be mounted on trolleys. This however is not recommended. Moreover the consumption of detergent and water in front loaders are also much less. It is very important to clean the gasket properly after every use to increase the life of the machine. If required do not hesitate to change the gasket. Noise and vibration in top loaders is much less than in front loaders.

A top-loading machine will definitely cost less but with front load washing machines you can get superior washing quality.

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