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An Insight Into How Right Garage Door Paint Can Enhance the Life of Doors

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Selecting the garage door paint depends upon so many considerations. The first consideration is the color of the house and whether the garage door is exposed to sunlight or not. Whenever you decide to paint garage doors, you must think about the color of your house and the garage door paint colors will largely depend on that.

If your house is of bright color you may use some color which will match with other exteriors of the house or you may decide to go for a contrast selection. If the garage door is exposed to sun rays during the day then you may not go for a bright color as bright colors tend to fade away very quickly in sun and the door will require very frequent repainting.

For selecting the type of paint that should be applied, in cases when you are repainting garage doors, it is important to know the type of paint which is already there on the doors. If you have oil based paint, you can apply latex paint or oil based paint but if you have latex paint then you can apply only latex paint over it. In case when you cannot confirm the type of paint which is already there, it is advisable to opt for the best quality latex paint for repainting the garage doors.

Once the type of paint and color is decided the question that arises is how to paint garage doors. You can very easily assign the task to professionals but if you love to so it yourself you will find that it is a very easy and tireless job. First of all the surface to be painted needs to be prepared.

You should scrap off the old paint with the help of a scrapper and a wire brush. After scrapping the paint use an orbital sander to smoothen the surface of the doors. If there are dents and voids in the doors they need to be filled with vinyl compound or other putty materials with the help of a putty knife. Once you apply this, you must allow it to dry and then sand it again with a fine sand paper.

After cleaning the surface, right type of primer should be applied on it. For garage door, an oil-alkyd primer will suit the most. Primer must be applied very carefully in all edges and sections. After the primer is dried, final coats of paint should be applied. Two coats of the paint are recommended for smooth, faux finish. It is advisable that garage door paint work must be completed before the arrival of monsoon so that rain water cannot damage your garage door.


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