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Your Garden Design Reflects Your Characters and Personality

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Tropical Landscape Garden Design - photo by Idaho GardenerIn putting together a garden design, for yourself or somebody else, keep in mind that the primary consideration is your personality and the purpose of the garden. Gone are the days when gardens are simply for planting flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Today’s emphasis on qualitative space management in both urban and suburban areas requires that every square foot of land is utilized to maximize form and functionality. Property developers are aware that land is a limited asset that should be used to the fullest and not just for building new cities and structures have led to careful planning and development of commercial, residential and recreation areas.

Property owners now put emphasis on creating their private havens to make available for themselves and their family the pleasure and quiet of gardens.

This interest in man and nature relationship even in highly developed and urbanized areas gave birth to the development of various types of gardens and garden designs like butterfly gardens, aviaries, vegetable and herb gardens and flower gardens all for the purpose of deriving maximum enjoyment and from carefully planned landscapes.

Although it may seem a very difficult task (especially if you do not have a green thumb or artistic flair), garden design is really quit simple as long as you consider the purpose of the garden and your personality.

Define your objectives for your garden design

Defining your objectives on why you want a garden will ultimately make it easier for you to develop your very own garden design.

  • Is it for entertainment of business associates, relatives and friends? Create a garden design that includes outdoor dining space, a big terrace, a landscaped.
  • Is it for the children? Make sure to include a sand box, monkey bars and a swing with plenty of bushes for the children to hide.
  • Is it an all-purpose garden? If so, make your garden design eclectic so that every member of the family can enjoy its benefits. Include a small space for the wife’s herbs and vegetables, a fountain or a bird bath, flowers of various colors to attract butterflies.

Your options are practically unlimited!

Make your garden design reflect your individuality

After identifying the functionality part of your garden design, the next step is to infuse your personality into it. Make it reflect who you really are. Create a garden design that is not only functional for the other members of the family but make sure that it also reflects your own! Do not imitate your friend’s or your neighbor’s garden designs because they have a totally different personality than you. Besides, it is you and your family who will live with the garden for a long time, so it is best that you make sure you like it! If you want small pond with coy fishes in them and a bridge (no matter how small) to go over the pond, go ahead!

Whatever garden design you decide on, you can never go wrong as long as you are clear why you want to have a garden and it reflects yours and your family’s personality.

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