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Good Front Porch Design Can Make Your Home Looks Unique

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Here are some front porch design ideas and tips to help you out if you are planning to design your front porch, but cannot think of something suitable and creative! Read ahead…

The first most important thing that you must understand while selecting a front porch design is that it should go with the look of your driveway and the structure of your house. Thus for example if you have an old house designed in contemporary Victorian tastes, select suitable design patterns. While building a porch for such a house, you can use sandstones along the sides of the steps to make it go well with the theme. Style the entrance with classy frame designs to complete the look.

A very important issue that crops up during porch construction is regarding the kind of porch flooring one should opt for. While it is easy to decide on the look of the porch flooring, the problem lies in the features to be selected. Overall, it is necessary that the flooring should be strong and sturdy to last for years to come.

Since lots of people are going to clamber up the porch with dirty shoes, be very clear about the maintenance issues involved with the porch flooring you select. The best choice is something that also scratches less, and does not turn slippery during rains. Also, an under-floor heating system will have to be installed under the floor porch cover in case the house is located in an area that experiences heavy snow during winters.

As for the porch paint, a good idea is to let it highlight the features of your house. If the exterior walls are painted in bright colors, then opt for something in a bright and contrasting shade. If you have painted your house exteriors in light subtle colors then you can add a very classy look to your porch by simply using several shades of the same colour to design the area. For since, if your house is painted white, get white, yellow, grey and other shades, and get a professional to print delicate designs all over your porch!

And last but not the least- keep your porch looking friendly and welcoming. Build wide steps, keep the area open and do not cramp in too many chairs and furniture. This will allow your family and guests to spend longer and more comfortable hours at your porch, and admire the efforts put into your front porch design!


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