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Green Home Plans are the New Buzz in Environmental Consciousness

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Green House ConceptGreen home plans have become mandatory for anyone with a little bit of ecological consciousness. Reducing global warming, protecting the environment and building a sustainable future should become top priorities for all of us and the home is one such space where we can make changes for the benefit of the environment.

Any responsible green building design plans will lay emphasis on the site of the house with evaluations and analysis of soil, water bodies, slope, vegetation and ledge so that minimum harm is done to the surroundings. The site location becomes important not only in relation to any environmental issues like wetland, farmland or protected species habitats but also in terms of close proximity to schools, transportation, stores etc.

Green home floor plans will be designed to keep the square footage as less as possible so that less quantity of building materials is used and the impact on the site can be minimized. This also lessens the amount of energy required to heat and cool the home and encourages the use of minimal lighting.

Good green home blueprints will encourage energy efficiency and durability. To build a green home you should use eco-friendly materials which are renewable and durable. This will mean less frequent replacements of materials and less wear and tear on the environment. Bamboo, cork, eucalyptus are renewable and earth-friendly materials which should be used to the maximum. Using recycled materials wherever possible will help preserve the resources of the earth to a large extent.

An essential component of any green home plans is the efficient use of energy. Energy efficient appliances should replace any old energy-guzzling products in order to utilize the resources of the earth to the minimum.

By installing energy saving windows and making sure that the house is properly insulated, you can lessen the costs as well as utilization of energy required for heating or cooling the house. This is possible because both steps trap the heat within the house in cold weather and reflect the heat in hot weather thereby heating and cooling the house respectively naturally.

A solar power system in the home is the best way to utilize natural energy from the sun without depleting the earth’s resources. Solar power can take care of most of the energy needs of an average household and any excess energy generated can also be transferred into the electricity grid.

It is a part and parcel of energy efficient green house plans and its increasing usage is making the prices of solar system also come down. A sand filtration system or a wet compost system will ensure maximum conservation of water. Green home plans lessen the negative impact on the environment through its designing.


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  2. I agree that creating sustainable energy sources is extremely important! We all need to do our part no matter how small, to ensure that future generations don’t have to pay for our mistakes or oversight.

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